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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

caipirinhas, margaritas, wine, whisky, fish tacos

So Jenn and Andrew left on Sunday to move to Miami :( They got a job with the opera there, after living in Orange County for like 10 years. Their friend who's an opera singer threw a going away get together Friday night, so we drove up there. We listened to this mixed CD I made Jenn and Andrew for their rode trip, and it was just long enough to get us there.

So we stopped off at Bristol Farms and got two cheap bottles of wine, red and white grenache. When we get there, everyone's there, and they all have a different drink -mojito, caipirinha, margarita, wine, whisky. This guy's got a wine cooler in his living room - not the cheap costco one, but a nice digital one. He also has a wine rack next to it, and both the wine cooler and the wine rack are full. He has his liquor out on the counter, maybe 12 different bottles, and his back stock is in the kitchen too. Boy did we pick the wrong choice. Anyhoo, we drank caipirinhas first. They were delicious and just the right strength. David had a nice huge cheese spread and some salsas. Then later on he put taco fixings out, with some curry chicken and some grilled mahi. Now, he apologized because he didn't have time to cook. He had bought everything premade at Trader Joe's except for the chicken and fish. But the chicken and fish made the tacos delicious. The chicken was curry chicken. It didn't look too exciting, but it was tender and flavorful. And even the mahi. I usually hate this fish. It' easy to overcook, but he did it perfectly.

So after that, we the food pimp had a girly strawberry margarita and I had our white wine. I wanted to drink our cheap stuff, so David wouldn't have to drink it later. Then we ended up finishing both our bottles of wine and eating more cheese. We went back to Jenn and Andrew's and crashed out amongst their packed boxes. It was so sad. Asolo was all shaved like a lion ready for humid hot FL weather.

So we left them to finish their packing, and we headed south to Laguna Beach. It seemed fitting, since Jenn took us there when she flew us out here after Katrina. This place is stupidly beautiful, so the food doesn't have to be good, I guess.

We ate at this corner restaurant right on the beach. It was so bad, and we were sitting outside in the hot sun, which made it worse. The FP had eggs sunny side up and sausage and potatoes. I had scrambled eggs and cheese with fruit. There is this weird phenomenon here, in Southern CA. We can't seem to get a properly cooked sunny side up egg. I always order overeasy if I'm going in that direction. But it's so weird. It's like they crack the eggs in a hot pan, and when the bottom starts to brown, the eggs are served. So the yolk is barely warm and the whites on the top are still transparent. Anyway, it was a nice view. Here's a picture of the beach

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