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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

chicken thighs, marinated chuck steak

Since it's so hot out here in San Diego, I've decided to cook more, so I can feel like I'm back east at home. No, really, I just don't have money, but I don't always want Chinese food.

So, Tuesday night. Went to Pancho's. I made a veg stir fry with ginger, garlic, mushrooms, poblano strips, and snow peas. It sounds weird, but the vegetables at Pancho's are limited. For some reason though, they always have nice snow peas and sugar snap peas. Then I stewed chicken thighs, seasoned with coriander, salt, pepper, and some generic chili powder. I browned the fat, took the chicken out, sweated the garlic and onion, with a little carmelization. Then I added a can of crushed tomatoes and a little vinegar, brought it to a boil, then placed the thighs back in fat side up. Of course, I cooked some calrose rice as well. I know it sounds so simple and pedestrian, but it was pretty damn good. I hope I never get ulcers or something that bans me from eating tomatoes.

Wednesday night, I craved a little reminder of Vega. I wanted cilantro chili vinaigrette, or something like it. So I got bibb lettuce, cucumber, vine ripe tomatoes, and thin sliced chuck steak. I made a bastardized cilantro chili vin, with fish sauce, key lime juice, dark soy sauce, chili flakes, coriander, green onions and veg oil. I put too much fish sauce, so I knew the food pimp would like it. I marinated the steak in the vinaigrette. So I had a little salad and some steak. I seared the steak in the cast iron skillet. It was pretty delicious, a bit chewy, I got this fatty piece that I almost choked on. That's why it's very dangerous to eat alone! Anyway, I figured by the time the food pimp got home before Top Chef, the steak would have soaked up more of the vinaigrette. So he gets home, and he actually has leftovers! He never has leftovers when he teaches the class with ribs, but 10 people signed up and 4 showed up. So we didn't even eat the rest of the steak. We ate some salad, potato salad from his class, rice, leftover chicken and ribs. Then we watched Top Chef. I was sad that Tre got the ax. He was good. They probably just wanted to slowly eliminate the minorities.

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