not so much about food

I'm sorry, this post is really more about work. Although, this place stresses me out so much that my stomach turns - that's a gastronomic encounter.

My boss is a real prick. I mean, I think he'd be fun to go out with and get wasted, but he's an asshole of a boss. He has been very moody lately. Ever since his family came back from 2 months in Europe. So you'd think he'd be happy that they were back. I think he enjoyed the bachelor lifestyle a little too much, if you ask me. Anyway, getting back to how this relates to me. He comes in every day, and I say hi. He used to smile and say Bonjour or Buenos Dias or something. Polite. Which is fine. But the past two weeks he comes in and I say hi. He gives me a dirty "eat shit" look and walks by. Not ONE WORD. So he complains about shit, nags us. Then the manager - the princess of the place - will let him know she doesn't like his attitude. So later on, he starts trying to make small talk with us and makes jokes and stuff.

That is what he did today, although he really bugged the shit out of me. He came in, and asked who opened. When the manager princess was out of town (also in Europe since they're all European), this one guy Pedro opened every single day for a month. Oh, except for one day because his back hurt, most likely from stress. So now that the princess is back, he is back down to 4-5 days. So my prickboss asks if Arturo opened. I say no. I don't know why he's obsessed with whether Pedro works every day or not. So he keeps pointing out things I've done wrong or need to do. Like the pastries. Yesterday he bitched at me for not making samples with some old cinnamon rolls. So today, there were 4 old ones, but we sell day old ones as new, so I made samples with the 2 two day old ones, and I put the other 2 out with the 2 new ones. So prick comes storming in the kitchen, like he does, and asks why I took so many cinnamon rolls from the delivery guy. He said that I shouldn't have taken them and showed the guy how many we had left over and told him we didn't need them. Here's the catch. HE FUCKING DID THE INVENTORY FOR THE PASTRY ORDER YESTERDAY! He ordered 2 cinnamon rolls after bitching about the old ones. So I told him that he got on to me about not making samples yesterday because they were all old, and he said, "Well, not all of them." So I never really got to the joking stage with him today. Instead, it was the princess' birthday, so he just stayed up front and chit chatted with her all morning.

If anyone reads this, thanks for letting me vent!