Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

thursday, friday, happy days

So Thursday was just frozen meatballs and spaghetti. I got the wrong kind of meatballs. It said homestyle. They tasted a little bland, and maybe weren't as fatty as the others. They were a little on the dry side. Friday, we barely ate. Then Saturday, we woke up and had an epiphany. We read the City Beat review of El Borrego few days before, and we were dying to go there. We didn't think we had enough money Saturday, so we were going to go to Saigon. On the way there, we passed El Borrego, and they were open at 8:30 am. The Food Pimp uturned, parked, and we walked in. It was a bright cheery place, with these artist's cornhusk dolls on display. We sat at a long table, and we got the menu. One side in Spanish, the other in English. Their specialty is approximating the barbacoa style of cooking lamb by wrapping a lamb in maguey leaves and steaming it. So we ordered the lamb combo, lamb broth and nopal salad. The lamb broth is the drippings from the lamb,and some chickpeas and a little lamb meat. It was so good. It tasted like long simmered lamb broth! The Nopal salad was really good. Diced cactus with onion, cilantro, lime. The lamb came with beans and rice, and the condiment tray of limes, onions and cilantro. And small, fresh made tortillas. The lamb was so tender - just falling apart. And the taste was so mild in a good way. It was like the best of comfort food, even though I've never had anything like this before. I cannot fully describe this experience to you. If you live in San Diego, you have to try this!!!! I am so angry that I don't know enough Spanish to know that borrego means sheep! Damn my ignorance!!!!! The kitchen staff was composed of three middle aged and older women, stirring things in pots and stuff. One was making the tortillas by hand on a wooden press. My new criteria for a good Mexican restaurant is seeing how many moms or grandmas are in the kitchen.

Later on Saturday we recorded a cover of the Cranes' Shining Road. Then we got delivery spaghetti and meatballls. The spaghetti and meatballs we had earlier in the week was so unsatisfying that we had to have a proper order of spaghetti and meatballs. These were good, but we should have asked for extra sauce....

This morning, once again - corned beef hash! I know, it's almost every Sunday. But this time we had hashbrowns with them! The FP grated potato in the fp (LOL)and a little onion. Then he heated a big pan with a little oil and scattered the potatoes. He let it brown, then flipped it. It was a perfect little galette. And we had eggs too of course. We tried to cook rice, but horror of horrors, our rice cooker broke. It kept shutting off before the rice was done. Oh well, it had a good haul. In the meantime, before we get another, can anyone tell us how to cook rice on the stove? LOL

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