Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

A week of ketchup

So I can't remember everything we ate, but I'll try to piece it together. I know last Friday we had Picante's. This is the taco shop next to the Bluefoot in North Park. I had a california burrito - which is like seasoned beef and potatoes and some other stuff, it's really good. The FP had I think cabeza taco and either tongue or carne asada. I was pretty wasted and it was a week ago, so I can't remember. But I think they were out of tongue. If you haven't had tongue or cabeza meat, they are really richer, fattier tasting pieces of beef. My mouth is watering thinking about it.

Saturday I believe we went to Dim Sum at Emerald Restaurant on like Convoy St. They open at 9am, and we got there about 9:15. We had only been there once before during a busy lunch, and it was ok. This time not many people were there yet. We got our nice pot of tea and water. One of the amazing parts of the experience was that we had our waters refilled numerous times. Every morning when we go out for breakfast or lunch after drinking, we are both dehydrated. Every morning when we go out for breakfast or lunch after drinking, we get tiny glasses of water and no one refills them in a timely manner. So this was a real treat. Let me see if I can remember what we got. I know there were 6 things, and it cost $22. We got shrimp shumai and pork shumai. These were nice. They were flavorful and they did not pure the meat so much and pack it in so much that it was too dense. We also got these nice sized bean curd with pork filling. Also good. Rice noodle with BBQ pork. These are the kind of thick and long noodles that they fill with usually beef or shrimp. The pork was a nice change, good BBQ seasoning. Then we got the little dish of braised pork knuckle. That was very good, nice and tender, very lightly seasoned. Then the last thing was the chicken feet. The FP was hoping for these. They were the best cooked chicken feet we ever had. The skin was actually coming off the bones, so we could actually eat it. The sauce had soaked in nicely too. That was a great meal.

That night, after drinking sake all day and recording a cover of Joy Division's digital, the FP cooked dinner. We had bought groceries at a Korean market, so we had some kind of greens, I don't know what they were. He braised them with oyster mushrooms. And he stewed this frozen octopus in a nice soy sauce. I wish I knew what it was. If he would ever post he could elaborate. Also we had bought a container of kim chee, but he had eaten most of it before we had dinner.

Sunday. You know the ritual meal - corned beef hash. Only we didn't have so much money, so we made it at home. I used Hormel canned corned beef. I know alot of people freak out when they see this hard hunk of meat come out of the can, but it is so much better than the canned corned beef hash. I think that is made of more of the scrappy part, and it's pured to soft fatty mush. So I kind of parboiled the potatoes in the saute pan, then when the water reduced out, I added the onions and oil and sauteed them. Then I added the corned beef and a little Zatarain's creole seasoning. We had rice and fried eggs with it. This is what we ate all day - which consisted of several mini meals until 2 cans of corned beef were gone at the end of the night.

Monday, linguini with clam sauce. This is the first dish the FP ever learned to make, so of course it was good.

Tuesday, Tuesday. I can't remember. Oh yeah. This is the night I have class, so I bought frozen ravioli and bottled tomato sauce before class. I precooked the ravioli and put it in a pot with the sauce to heat up later.

Wednesday. Chipotle BBQ chicken legs and succotash. The FP had a small class, so he had the chicken left over. I made the succotash. Just sauteed onion, mushroom, zucchini, yellow squash. Then I added canned tomatoes and a bay leaf and let it simmer. I added salt and lima beans and that was it. I love simple stuff like that. 12 years ago I probably wouldn't have been too excited about something like this.

Thursday. I bumped up the succotash with more vegetables, and the FP made a kind of bastardized chicken adobo. I say bastardized because he thinks he can't call it adobo (as in the Filipino version) because he's not Filipino. He's kind of right. It was still delicious though.

Friday. All we ate was a sandwich I brought home from work. Roast beef and black forest ham on baguette with dijon, mushrooms and emmenthal cheese. Pretty good, but I got wasted last night and I had a total of 5 beers between 7pm - 2 am. And 4 of them were Miller High Life. So we went to San Diego Sports Club to see some bands - Br'er, Inigo and A Beautiful Noise. We've seen Inigo before, they're good - rock. A Beautiful Noise has seemed to have lineup changes, and they sounded different live. They are shoegazy, but live, they had this tall skinny English guy doing some of the vocals, so he made it sound like Oasis. Br'er. They were something else. They were from Philly. The lead played a harmonium(?), there was a guitar player, a drummer with a bass and snare drum, and a harp player. A male harp player. He was so cute! They had a great sound, but you should just look them up online if you're interested. Anyway, they needed a place to crash, so we offered our living room floor. We ended up talking about food, and they said they were excited about this tour, because they would get to eat real authentically good Mexican food. That's when a light bulb went off over the Food Pimp's head. SUPER COCINA. So this morning, Saturday, before they headed up to San Francisco, we took them there. They loved it! Two of them are very skinny guys, but they pretty much ate all their food. They each got a chili relleno, and three of them got the chilaquiles and the fourth got that scrambled egg that's cooked in the red sauce. All good choices. I got a red pork stew and this delicious beef stew with pasilla that I never had before. The FP got the same beef dish and his usual spicy pork stew. It was so satisfying.

Right now I'm roasting pork butt. I just coated it with cumin, coriander, salt and new mexico chili powder and stuck it with garlic. I cooked pinto beans whole, and I have to deal with cabbage. I don't know if I'm going to stew it or make slaw with lime. I'll decide when I make it.

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