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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my corned beef hash recipe - and I'm Filipina

I've noticed that a good majority of the anonymous readers who stop by are interested in corned beef hash specifically. And how to make it. So I thought I would just actually write my recipe for corned beef hash!

Let's talk corned beef first:
Here's the thing. I already wrote about the canned corned beef hash. It's okay if you aren't a cook. Just get a pan really hot and fry it. Add some green onions, red pepper flakes, maybe worcestershire, etc.

But if you want to make it a little more "from scratch" you can use my preferred "corned beef" in a can - no onion or potato in it. I prefer Libby, but Hormel will do if there is no Libby. We tried Brazillian Libby the other week, and it was good. I can't really specify any difference between US and Brazil, but its cool sounding to say Brazillian corned beef.

Okay, now if you want to go one step more scratch, buy deli corned beef. Pick a good one, and buy however much you need.

Or if you are very ambitious, make corned beef. That is a whole different blog topic though. Anyway, if you have deli corned beef or a hunk of corned beef, all you have to do is rough chop, and then pulse in the food processor until you get it as chopped up as you like it. Of course some people like to chunk it or julienne it, but that's not my style.

Okay,so I'll do recipe format for ease of reading:

serves 2 corned beef hash gluttons over the course of 24 hours, or up to 10 for breakfast

2 cans Libby's Brazillian corned beef (or other corned beef as notated above) taken out of the can and mashed apart
1 large onion, medium dice (sweet is best, but any color will do)
1 # red potatoes, small dice
1 bunch green onions sliced, separate tops and bottoms
1 red bell pepper if you wanna get fancy
red pepper flake
worcestershire or soy sauce or fish sauce or a combo
salt & pepper

So, first you saute the onion and green onion bottoms until translucent in the widest pan that you have(a griddle would be ideal). If you are adding bell pepper, put that in. Then you saute the potato too. Let it crisp around the edges. Then add about 1/4 inch water to the pan and cover it. In a couple minutes, check to see if the potatoes are tender. If not, add a little water and cover until they are cooked. If they are cooked, let the water evaporate and then turn the heat up to high.

Okay, you may have to add oil, because the potato starch has made the pan sticky. But guess what, YOU'RE MAKING CORNED BEEF HASH. It's very unhealthy anyway. The oil you add is healthier, unless you use lard or beef tallow. So let this oil get pretty much smoking. So you have the corned beef already out of the can, right? You know how hard those cans are to open. I hope you're not doing that at this stage. (I always forget to open the cans and mash the corned beef)

So you have a smoking pan. Put the corned beef in the pan and spread it all out in as thin a layer as you can. Go wash your hands, change the TV channel,then come back. Look at it for 30 seconds. It its in a very thin layer, stir it around fast. And respread it out on the pan. If it's kind of crowded in a pan wait another 30 seconds, then stir it once and respread it. Basically do this, till it's all hot and has a nice crispy crust. Add the red pepper flake, worcestershire, soy, or fish sauce and salt and pepper. Give it a good stir, then serve, topping off with the green onion tops. And if you want to serve it with more potatoes, go ahead. Remember, it's already unhealthy for you... personally, I like rice and potatoes with it. With a sunny side up eggs on top, of course.


Joanne said...

It's simply not true that vegetable oil is healthier than traditional animal fats. Look deeper into the research and you will see the charges against saturated fats are trumped up to support the agricultural and food manufacturing industry.



the food ho said...

Well, thanks for the article links Joanne. I'll read them when I get a chance.

I really don't care too much about what is said about what food is bad, and what food is good. There are some articles that I once read about coconut oil that are probably along the same lines as the links that you sent.

My take on eating healthy is that if my body feels bad, and I've been eating the same kind of foods, then I vary my diet. I do know generally what makes me feel better and what makes me feel worse. I try to find foods I love that don't make me feel shitty. What do I know though? I may die tomorrow of some terminal illness I didn't know I had.