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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, November 19, 2007

weekend update

So Thursday. Canned soup. Yup. We went out to see a band called "A Beautiful Noise" http://www.myspace.com/abeautifulnoise at the Brass Rail. So I bought something quick and easy for after we got home. Progresso. I think it was chicken and dumplings, minestrone, and veggie. So we like progresso. But it's kind of funny because alot of the soups are so similar, there will just be a different kind of pasta, or bean, or one will have some tomato in the broth. So we just mix them all together in the pot. I never had the chicken and dumplings, but I wanted to taste it. It's chicken noodle soup with dumplings instead of noodles. Not a suprise. But the dumplings were not seasoned. That kind of sucked. But with mixing the soups together, it didn't matter. It was just a big veggie, chicken, bean, noodle and dumpling soup.

Friday night, we went to see Shea's Rebellion http://www.myspace.com/sheasrebellion play at the Zombie Lounge. So since we were on El Cajon Blvd, we took advantage of the proximity to the fast food offerings on the Boulevard. We first went to KFC. The FP got a three piece extra crispy dark with mashed and corn on the cobb. I got a crispy thigh.
Then we drove across the street to Wienerschnitzel. I've never eaten there, even though I've been wanting to. So I drove up, and I was overwhelmed by the menu. I ended up getting a chili dog combo with fries. So we had to drive all the way home before we got to eat. So the mashed potatoes were barely warm, of course. It was almos midnight when we got the food, so what can you expect. The chicken was actually crispy, but not too warm either. It was really salty too, which is a plus to the FP. The fries were not salted, but hot. The hot dog was old and rubbery, and the chili was runny with no real meat in it or anything. Oh well, I can't wait to go back to Wienerschnitzel at a better time and really study the menu.

Saturday. We made Thanksgiving dinner early, because the in laws will be in town and we are going to eat at the Grant Grill. So we did turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cactus casserole (like green bean casserole), gravy and ginger lime pie with coconut cookie crust. We also recorded a cover of the Cranberries' Zombie. So it was pretty good, the cover, I mean. The turkey got fucked up though. We bought it that day, unwrapped it and found out it was partially frozen still. So we let it sit out a few hours to thaw. The FP made stock with turkey necks, then he made mushroom stuffing. I had found the coconut and lime blog, and there was a recipe for stuffing balls. So we did that. Just bind some stuffing with egg and put it in the bottom of the turkey roasting pan for the last 30 minutes. These were so good! Kudos to the coconut and lime blog! http://coconutlime.blogspot.com/

The mashed potatoes were delicious, very traditional, fluffy. The cactus casserole tasted too pickled cactusy at first, but then it mellowed out some. I made the mushroom soup but it should have been a little thicker, I think. The lime pie was good, but the texture was heavier than I wanted. I used 4 eggs per pie, but I should have probably used 3, because the condensed milk is already so heavy. The turkey. I don't want to discuss it. Well, I took it out. The thermometer in various places read 160 and around there. And the juice seemed to run clear. So it was out a while. Then we cut into it. The very middle was raw. So the FP cut it in pieces and put it back in the oven. This was all when all our guests came in, so it was a bit of commotion. So we were all talking, and we forgot the turkey of course. So it was dry. Oh well. We usually brine our turkey, and it comes out delicious. This year with no prep, no brine, too much shit going on, well, it showed in the turkey.

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