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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Almost caught up!

So what else have we indulged in.....

Zensei Sushi This place is on the corner of 30th and Upas St. It is a great location for a sushi bar. I remember the first time I drove by, I thought, I want to eat there on my birthday. It just looked fun. And we ate there on my birthday with my other soulmate and her husband. It was fun.

Anyway, getting back to present time. We got the usual salmon, octopus and, we also got mackerel. We don't get mackerel every time any more. It's a very strong fish, and if it's old it would probably ring the bell on the strength-o-meter at the fair. Okay, that was stupid. But in my defense, it's Christmas Day and I haven't had a drink yet. Why not? Well, I don't want to pass out at 5 pm like I usually do on a day off with lots of cooking and drinking involved. So maybe I should crack one of those bottles of something open.

Zensei, Zensei. Sorry. So the nigiri was so on. All three. And we got spicy tuna roll. And the appropriately named 30th and Upas roll. It's got tuna and avocado, and this garnish on top of of like shallot and cilantro and lime and it's just yummy. Then we got crazy. We ordered the hamachi kama (yellowtail neck) and the salmon kama (salmon neck). They didn't have the salmon, so we got TWO - that's 2 - yellowtail collars. They came out way too fast. Sadly, it wasn't cooked all the way. This meat is the kind you want cooked, not like sushi. As a result the skin was not really crispy. But it still tasted good and we still ate it all. We were trying to take it easy on the bill and the drinking, so we only had one bottle of Kizakura with lunch.

Emerald Chinese Restaurant or something like that. Saturday morning. We were waiting for the doors to open at 9 am. We were the first in. So we got our food fast. Almost too fast.

I realize now that part of the pleasure of dim sum is the torture of waiting. We almost always go to dim sum the morning after getting shitfaced. We are always dying of thirst. We have to ask for water and it takes forever to get it. And don't even talk to me about refills. At Jasmine we end up sneaking over to the waiters' station and getting our own. Then the food takes forever. We usually get the second class Americans in the restaurant treatment. It's as if they purposely avoid us with the good stuff and they always try to pawn those fried taro dumplings on us.

The night before we went to Emerald, we met our few friends left in town at the Whistle Stop. We had more drinks than expected. So we were not completely hung over, but we didn't feel tiptop. So we sat. They gave us tea. They gave us water. The first cart came over. We got pork and shrimp shumai. They were good. We got our teeny dish of chili paste and hot mustard. We got these shrimp balls that were like shumai. Those sucked. They tasted like old shrimp. We got the rice noodle. We argued back and forth over the pork and the beef rice noodle. I wanted the beef. The Food Pimp wanted the bbq pork. You know which one we got! It was tasty. The sweet soy sauce on it was good. The beef was seasoned nicely. We got the pork knuckle. Loooooove it. Tiny bits of tender pale greasy pork with a little jalapeno in the thin broth. God, you have to try it to understand. It is absolutely delicious and anyone who thinks otherwise is insane or never tried it. We got the rice packets in lotus leaf with shrimp, chicken, pork and egg. It was very good, but I had to give the rest of mine to the FP. We got these curry chicken shumai. Those were eeeah (I don't know how to spell that sound you make when something is so so). We got the bbq pork bun. Interestingly these were on the dessert cart. They had sesame seeds on top, and simple syrup. Really. They made my hand all sticky. Weird. But good. The pork filling was nice. The bun was a nice sweet fluffy texture. Weird. But good.

Home cooking. Sunday. We played a show on Saturday night at SDSC. It went really well. Our sound was good, we didn't fuck up really, which is unusual. Everyone was impressed with our new drummer. But we played last and a lot of people left!!!! Fucking San Diego. Sleepytown, USA. Okay, it's not like there everywhere in the city, just coincidentally the places that we play at. Well A Beautiful Noise booked the show, and they were smart to play 2nd. That's the sweet spot.

Anyway, Sunday we wanted to chill and eat well. So we went to the Vietnamese market. The FP made green Thai curry. Yes, he MADE it. He didn't use the little tin. Garlic, lemongrass, basil, cilantro, ginger, chili. It was delicious. With shrimp. I made chinese broccoli, baby bok choy, oyster mushroom and tofu saute. I used calamansi, soy sauce, ginger, garlic a little sesame oil and coconut caramel. Yeah, coconut caramel. It's like molasses. Only with coconut. It's got that bitter earthy coconut and molasses taste. It's so exotic. I love it. My new product find. Good meal.

I love Asian food. As the Frenchy chef at my work would say, your eyes are becoming slanted. I swear he said something like that. He's a 72 year old French guy though. What do you expect?

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