Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

miscellaneous meals

Frank steak stir fry. With mushrooms, onions, broccoli, the usual.

Corned beef hash breakfast at the Lumberjack grill. I think we almost ordered the same thing. He got eggs smilin' atcha, hashbrowns, sourdough bread. I got eggs over easy, hashbrowns and wheat toast. Very good. Nicely cooked eggs. Nicely crispied crust on the corned beef. They had a bunch of new staff. I wonder if there was a mass walkout or firing.

Ichiban. Sunday before going to the Bluefoot to watch the Steelers. We got a spicy tuna roll, salmon nigiri, yellowtail nigiri, some other special roll - honestly I don't remember. It was good. Kind of small. Not too expensive, but we could have eaten more. Anyone who goes for sushi with us, prepare to go into battle. Actually, we might be polite if we don't really know you.

Lamb sirloin on 30th street. The place we went to before, you know the one. This is the place that I wrote about before. Then I got comments back from anonymous writers defending the place. It made me feel bad that they took it the wrong way, so I apologized. If you don't know about this - read "It's hot" and "Apology"

We got the onion rings and the fried veggies too. Very tasty, perfectly fried, good remeloude. The homemade ketchup was perfect. Cheese plate. Delicious persimmon, good cheese. Drinks - the FP drank a whole bottle of wine but he order individual glasses. I don't know if there was a difference in the price or not. I had this Christmas ale, then I think I had shark bite. I liked the shark bite better. The entree. Lamb was overcooked. I think it was supposed to be midrare, and we got it medium or midwell. Boo. It was a nice piece of meat though. Goat cheese dumplings. I'm sorry. They were heavy and not too goaty. I think these are probably tricky to make. Maybe they needed more baking powder. I don't know, but I wanted them to be more like beignet. Our friends got shepard's pie. It was huge. Nicely baked. The FP thought there was too much cumin for his taste. Great place still. The owner was very friendly, the staff is very friendly. The owner's husband (they knew who we were) didn't look too friendly. Last time he said hi to us. This time I felt like I got an evil look as I was walking to the bathroom. I know I'm a bit paranoid (what, do you think I'm more paranoid than I think I am?) but he definitely was not smiling. Anyway, if you guys think I should name this place so they can read this, comment on this post and tell me your opinions. I'd really like to know.

Pho Ca Dao It was early - 9 am. We were hungry. For whatever reason, Saigon wasn't open yet. We haven't been there in a while. So we kept driving up the boulevard. This place was open. We got spring roll and egg rolls. The spring rolls were weird. I can't remember why, but they tasted sketchy. The egg rolls were good. The pho -to quote the Food Pimp- tasted like" you know when you play touch football in the mud, then you sit in the tub? It tasted like tepid bath water." I don't remember it being that bad, but I have memory loss. Too many chemicals have travelled through my nervous system. There was a market in the shopping center behind this place. I think it was called International Market. We went in. The first thing that happened when we walked in, our nostrils were affronted by the strongest most repugnant fishy smell I've ever smelt in a STORE! So of course, I had to walk back and look at the seafood. It looked ded. It was so vomitous, how did those people work there in those conditions? If you get a chance, go there and tell me if it still smells.

The Dumpling Inn. Wow! It was a rainy day. We had to go to the practice space. Probably to get a stupid cable or mic, or the backpack. So we ate on Convoy st. The mecca of restarant choices. The Dumpling Inn is in the same shopping center as the Korean Market and Jasmine. Good shopping center. So there were some whites in there, but we stayed anyway. They looked like eaters, anyway. There were two bigger old ladies, and also a couple. But they left and Asians came in. We got dumplings. Obviously. I don't recall if they had the soup dumplings or not, but we were pressed to order, so we did. We got pickled cabbage and pork soup. OMG IDK what soup could match this one. Perfect for a rainy day. Sooooo good! I could go for some now! (Note, it is very sunny today, not a cloud in the blue sky). Dumplings. Yum Yum.

Next day, we had sandwiches. Baguette with avocado "paste" mushrooms, roast beef and emmenthaler cheese. Emmenthaler is "swiss" cheese. Stronger than the american version. Ha ha ha, just kidding. Back to dumpling inn. We had pork dumplings, shrimp dumplings and these deep fried curried dumplings. OMG IDK if there is a place more aptly named then the Dumpling Inn. I just want to rent a room at the Dumpling Inn and sleep on dumpling pillas..... So pork dumplings. There were 10-15. A lot. Just in a bowl. Delicious. Pork. Nicely cooked. Shrimp dumplings. Same amount. Also very good. Some places have these dumplings and shu mai,and it tastes like they just puree the shrimp and fill the skin and steam it. These had nice flavor. Curry dumplings. Wait a minute. Was the FP in the kitchen? No, he was sitting at the table acrost from me. These little empanada/samosa things tasted very much like the Food Pimp's ground beef samosas/empanadas. I think the chef at the Dumpling Inn went to Vega when the FP was the chef there. I guess it was the 5 spice in the ground beef that made it taste like his. Anyway, what I'm trying to write is that they were very delicious. And this was cheap eats too.....

Convoy pho house. Or something like that. We just had pho. The FP got the combination beef. I got chicken. Very tasty and homemade. I got this nice nouc mam type sauce - sweet and gingery - that I dumped into my pho. It made it delicious. Nice amount of noodle and meat and broth ratio. Sixteen dolla.

Conching's Cafe. My parents came back from Orange County for a few more days - that's Mr. and Mrs. Food Ho. I didn't take the Food Pimp's name when I took his dirty hand in marriage. Let's see. First night in town, we went back to National City. They loooooooooove that place. I think they want to move there. We went to Conching's Cafe this time. We got some kind of lechon asado and I got this shrimp with long bean and ???? what the hell was the other long thin julienned veggie? Damn me and my brain. Anyway. The pork was soooo tender and fatty delicious. It was bathing in it's own grease. In a good way. I swear. And the shrimp had a curry coconut sauce. It was sooooo good too. Then we went back to that same grocery store next to Tita's Kitchenette. My mommy got bean sprouts and shrimp again. And she got smoked fish, and other stuff.

Philippine Home Cooking. So she made.... Pork Hock Adobo. I swear. OMG. I have to write OMG a lot, because it expresses my exact sentiment. More greasy pork goodness. And the rind of fat around it was so tender and melt in your mouth delicious. And the rice just sopped up the flavor.

And then this shrimp, carrot and napa cabbage saute. My mom just decided to use this cabbage that she had bought last time. We had been eating a lot of meat, so she wanted to have vegetable. It was so good. Damn she can cook. Did I write about when she first moved to the states? Well, if I did, sorry. Anyway, she couldn't cook when they first got married. In the Philippines, the lady of the house cooks. So my parents lived with parents, aunts, whoever, so my mom never cooked. Then my parents moved to Troy, New York. My mom tried to cook her first meal, spaghetti and meat sauce, as far as I know. She burned it. He yelled at her. Nice, huh? Well, to quote Virginia Slims, You've come a long way, baby?

And then shrimp ukoy again. Shrimp fritters with bean sprouts This time she made it with rice flour. It was crispier. And the garlic vinegar goes so good with it. So perfect for street food. I want to open a shrimp ukoy cart somewhere.

That's it for now. The next post will be solely dedicated on one specific restaurant......

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