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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

stil more catsup

I'm trying to not miss any important food journal events, but this is getting harder to do as the weeks go by. Basically, we've been doing crap and I never have enough time now to do this. As I sit here typing this, my parents are in the next room. They came back into town yesterday, so I'm feeling like I should spend time with them rather than be antisocial, but I have to write a little or I will never be in present time, or a few days behind at least. So I left off at making ground pork with veggies. We ate that for days. All weekend. Then came Sunday. We bought some tortilla chips, ground beef, salsa...from... I can't remember the name. All this lack of writing and stress is taking a toll on my memory. La Salsa Chileana? Is that right? Yeah. It is. Anyway, I also bought pickled jalapenos. So I made nacho meat with whatever dried ground pepper we had, maybe arbol and new mexico, I don't know. And I threw in the rest of the ground pork to finish it off. It was Sunday night football, so we had nachos. No cheese though. I'm pretty much weening myself off of nonessential cheesiness. No I'm not divorcing the Food Pimp. I said NON-essential. You have to have some cheese in your life, even if it's just fromunda cheese, or whatever.

So, Monday or Tuesday. I don't know which. I wanted veggies. If you've been reading this blog, you know the drill. I have a gift for turning something fairly good for you into something not so good. Well, I got the usual suspects - eggplant, zucchini,yella squarsh, mushrooms?, onion, peas, I think that's it. I got a can of san marzano tomatoes. So we had arborio rice and I made veggie risotto. I just sauteed the onion, eggplant. Then I added the rice, coated and fried for a bit, then I just started adding tomato and water a little at a time, stir, stir, add more liquid etc. Then I started adding the rest of the veggies as it started to cook. I finished it off with extra virgin olive oil, garnish with lots of parsley and basil, and a little sprinkle of (essential) shredded parm. Pretty good for a flip. I guess it's the rice connection. Although I've made bad rice before. I know, it's not plausible. I swear I have though. But my whole inspiration was the bad risotto I had the night we ate at Buon Apetito. So I just wanted it the way I expected it to taste.

So the FP came home. I told him what I made, and he said, you know what would go good with that? Steak. So we went to Albertson's and got a little flank and a little ny strip. They were both really good, even though they didn't look like they would be. Huh, you think you know everything about cooking, and you find out there's one thing you didn't know. Then you know everything. LOL. Actually there's another new thing I don' know about. Mincemeat. Anyone know what it is? What's the story with mincemeat? Okay, it is kind of what I thought, but apparently there are cans of this stuff.

Anyway, I will have to consult with the FP about what else we ate that week. I think there was more meat.....

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