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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Friday, January 18, 2008

KFC is back open

Sunday night. We had practice, then we went to KFC. I ordered a two piece extra crispy dark. I didn't really look at the menu. The lady said, so you want a #2 combo. I said sure. She asked what kind of chicken. Extra crispy. What sides. Mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. I said dark meat, just to be sure. So in a very sarcastic voice, she said, so you want the #5 instead? So I said, yeah, I guess I do. The FP got 20 hot wings. He had been dreaming about them after seeing the commercials on TV. So I ask the guy for hot sauce, but he doesn't hear me. He walks away. And doesn't come back for about 5 minutes. But we wait. We need the hot sauce. He comes back, I ask for a big handful. He gives me a medium handful. I ask for 3 more. Okay. Now we're happy. We get home. The FP is loving his hot wings. I open my three compartment tray. Coleslaw. I hate that mayonaisey shit. Oh well, I don't need any help gaining any more weight. So I got the two piece, biscuit and mashed potatoes scoop. The chicken is great. Crispy, hot, tasty. The biscuit is good. The mash - cold. I should have put the thermometer in it, just for fun. I would say it was 68 degrees though. I didn't heat it up though, I don't know why. Lazy I guess. Oh well, the chicken was good.

Monday night. Weird night. We drank all afternoon and evening. We watched Rattle and Hum and the classic albums making of The Joshua Tree documentary on VH1 of course. I didn't really like Rattle and Hum, the Joshua Tree doc was way better. I had bought some thin sliced beef chuck steak at the store when I got the beer. So when we finished the last two beers, I whipped up some dinner. I had some chinese broccoli and baby bok choy left over, so I stir fried some beef with garlic and onions, no ginger or mushrooms amazingly enough. Then I changed it up a bit. I put about 2 teaspoons of shrimp paste and 1 ounce of oyster sauce in it. Shrimp paste is great. It's just fermented shrimp. It sounds gross, but when you cook with it, it adds another dark dimension. Then I added the veg, a little water and covered it. I let it cook till the veg was wilted but still green, maybe 4 minutes. It was pretty good, and it wasn't just the beer talking.

Tuesday night. We practiced our acoustic set, then we went to the Korean market nearby to shop for dinner. We got frozen octopus, fish sauce, kim chee and mushrooms. So it was the Food Pimp's turn to cook. He sauteed ginger, threw in the mushrooms, soy sauce, probably fish sauce and the octopus. He let it cook about 15 minutes, threw in the leftovers from the night before and more chinese broccoli, and that was dinner. Delish. Leftovers but with a makeover! I love octopus, and I'm not a snob about it. Frozen is fine for me. I don't cook all "gourmet" from whole foods (whole paycheck as they say) and bristol farms, and if I had loads of money, I still wouldn't get all my food there, just some things...

Wednesday night. cough, cough, clear my throat, uh, we had....kfc...so that night, we practiced again. OK, SO WE HAD KFC AGAIN. SO? Oh, this is a food lovers' blog? Well, we love KFC, which is a restaurant.... and your problem is....? Okay, we were tired, it is on the way home, we wanted it. Oh yeah, we did. So we got in the long ass drive thru (there wasn't parking anyway) and we got the 30 piece hot wings, a large mashed and a large mac and cheese, oh yeah. They said, no hot wings - 9 minutes. I said, we'll wait. So they offered a free drink for the wait. Sierra Mist. So I got to the window, I paid, he was very flustered, he said, pull around to the parking lot. I knew there was no space, so we parked on the street and waited inside. We kept thinking our order was coming,no, false alarm. So I see a guy take two chicken boxes and walk around outside. I figure it's us, he's looking. So we walk outside, and ask. He says, "30 piece hot wings?" I say yeah, but we didn't get any of the order. I show him the ticket. It takes 2 seconds for him to understand. So we walk in, and as we are walking, the FP says, can we also get a big fucking load of hot sauce too? We watch him get our sides, then he's doing something else. The FP is about to freak. What's he doing? He isn't getting our order. Then he grabs our order, Dumps a huge load of hot sauce in the bag and hands it to us. Yea! We got it all right, except I didn't get that free drink. By then I didn't want it anyway. So we ate almost all of the wings. There were about 35 - not 30. Maybe we ate 28, I'm not sure. And I ate 3/4 of the mac and cheese, the FP ate 2/3 of the mashed.

The mac and cheese was nice and creamy, but honestly, it was too cheesy. It's called double mac and cheese, and it's like they concentrated that cheese packet you get in the kraft macaroni box. Not really in a good way. But it's like once I started eating, it made me immune to the cheesiness so that I could keep eating it. It's like eating those salt and vinegar chips. After a while, I feel like vomitting, but I'm compelled to continue eating. That's the same with champoy. You pinoys know what I'm talking about. Those of you who don't know owe it to yourself to try these. They are probably at any asian market. They are dried plums (like dehydratedly dry) in some sugar and salt coating. They are so weirdly addicting. The first one is just gross. The second is just salty. The third starts to be a little tart, a little bitter. The fourth may be sweet. The fifth is gross, so you eat the sixth to get back on good terms with the champoy. Next thing you know, you've eaten 20, and you are extremely thirsty!

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