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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

post- foodborne adventure

Boy, what a week that was! So, after the digestive problems the Food Pimp experienced, we ate a lot of soup. Progresso. Why not homemade, you ask? Because I didn't want to do it after working all day, or getting home from practice at 10:30 at night. (Plus that night after practice, the FP was literally green! He apparently wasn't ready to smoke cancer sticks yet at that point.) It's easy you say? Well, it's a little time consuming. Because if you make it homemade, then you have to make chicken broth from scratch, right? Which means boiling a chicken then picking the meat, right. Then everything else. So, I'm sorry.

Anyway, what did we have after that?

Saturday. Let's see. Oh yeah. In the morning I went to 94.9 to do my coup d'etat guest dj slot. That was fun. I wasn't self conscious about whether I sounded like a dork like I thought I would be. I think Anya is just a really good DJ personality and she made me feel comfortable. She loves to talk about food, which is always good in my book. Anyway, I left, and we went straight to Convoy st.

Convoy Pho Noodle House. Beef Combination soup. Chicken soup. Egg rolls. I think it was all just okay. We didn't eat much and we didn't really discuss it, come to think of it. But mine was okay. Nothing special. Not as good as the last time we went there.

Saturday evening we went to the Bluefoot to watch the Steelers/Jaguars game. The Steelers lost. Boo. But we hung out with our friends - Notre Dame, Thrifty Girl, Ameoba Chick, Skinny Jesus and Guitar Hero Bon Jovi. We left them, and we decided to get New York Pizza delivery. Mistake.

Here's the deal. New York Pizza is the best pizza I've had here in SD.

What about Bronx Pizza, you say? Well, maybe we went at a bad time, but I really didn't go for it, and we had it twice. It was soggy, cheesy, not enough tomato sauce.

So getting back to New York Pizza. It can be the best. We've gotten the giant pizza twice, and it was perfect. I think they take time and care with those. So anyway, they aren't as good about an hour before they close. A few times we've gotten pizza late. It generally is too cheesy and not enough toppings or pizza sauce. Here's my theory: they run out of pizza sauce and toppings, so they add more cheese. So then they don't account for the extra cheese when they bake it. So what we get is an anemic, pale limp pie. That reminds me of this guy my best friend liked in college. We called him White Boy. Other people called him Captain Foreplay....

Sunday. We woke up and had pizza of course. I ate one piece cold, which was okay. But then the FP put the oven on. The pizza got crispy, but all that melty cheese made me not want to eat it. So we took a long nap in front of the tv. When we woke up, the Chargers game was on. We watched the first half, then we went to.... POPEYES! How exciting that was. The best part, I wore sweats and my glasses to go there!

So, I got a two piece spicy dark, with mash potatoes and a large red beans and rice. The FP got a 20 piece chicken wings and large dirty rice. We were waiting. We were talking. Then we decided to get a large mashed potatoes too. We spent $25 total. I swear. I know I shouldn't be proud of it, but it makes me smile. We are ridiculous. But I think that's the main reason our friends like us.

So how much did we eat, you ask? Well. Obviously I ate my two piece. That brings me off the subject. Does anyone else experience this when they go to Popeye's? Or even KFC for that matter. I always say, "two (or three) piece, spicy dark." (Or at KFC, "two piece, dark, extra crispy." Then they say, "do you want a combo or a dinner?" So I say whichever I want. Then they say, "Spicy or Mild?" I say "Spicy" Then they say, "Dark or white?" I say "Dark." There. I just had to repeat my order twice!

Okay. I ate my two piece. I ate the small mashed. I ate about a third of the red beans and rice and a fourth of the large mash. I might have mixed the red beans and rice and mashed at times and maybe dipped my biscuit in it too.

The FP ate maybe half of his wings. Then he ate his dirty rice and a little red beans and rice and mashed potatoes. I don't know if he mixed like I did. I was too busy with my face in my own trough to notice those kind of details. Needless to say, the chicken was great. Crispy, spicy, yummy. The other stuff was good too. I guess the dirty rice was a little overcooked, but that's to be expected. So a few hours later we ate the leftovers.

The Food Pimp has made a full recovery.

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