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Sunday, January 20, 2008

weekend diet

Friday. We had practice and we stayed so late, that there wasn't much to choose from for dinner. KFC had all the lights on, but thankfully they were closed. I was tired, didn't want to drive around, so we grudgingly settled for Aiberto's. Carne asada plate for him, carne asada fries for her. It was weird. I was tired and eating for purely biological reasons. The meat was all mushed up with the guacamole and stuff. Not so much cheese like usual, which is good for my mild lactose intolerance, if you know what I mean. Now that I think about it,the carne asada fries looked like they might have dropped the box and all the stuff got mixed up. Oh well, I ate maybe half and we fell asleep right after. The FP didn't eat much either, his didn't look much better.

Saturday. We woke up. We had to clean the house because the Food Pimp's dad was driving down from Irvine. So the FP wanted a light breakfast, maybe a crepe. We went to La Creperie. It was 9:15 am. They were closed, and they had no sign of being open anytime soon. The lights were off, no one was there. On a Saturday. What's the deal? So, we couldn't figure out where to go. The Crepes de Paris closed down and is being renovated to be Big Daddy's - a diner not a stripclub or transvestite club. I don't think the servers will be strippers or transvestites, but maybe it's the same owner as Lips....

I thought of Cream. We'd never been there, but it seemed like they might have something good like crepes. So we went in, and we were looking at all the menus. Nice variety, different things. Things that I thought of doing as breakfast specials, but I never do breakfast specials. With such a big menu, I think it might just confuse customers more. Anyway, no crepes. We were waiting to get coffee. So kind of amazing song - classical sounding or something epic like opera came on the sound system, and this girl behind the counter started singing with it. We both turned to look at her, was it the song or was she singing along. She was singing along. Amazing voice. She stopped to take our order though. I got a small cafe au lait. The FP asked for the same, then he said, but large. She picked up a cup, this size. Yeah. Wait, this is medium, she said. Great, I'll take it. No, it's large. Okay, cool. No, no it's medium. I don't remember if she ever figured out what size it was, but she made the coffee, we paid for a large and a small. She shouldn't quit her night job. Anyway, the coffee was great. French roast, nice an smooth.

So we cleaned the place, and the FP's dad hadn't even left Irvine. So we were starving when he showed up at 2:30 pm. He's a fussy eater, always having stomach problems. That day was no exception. He was catching a cold, and he had had diarrhea from some spicy Korean food he had eaten on Tuesday. Yes, this on Saturday that he drove down. 4 alleged days of brown waterfalls...

So we went to King's Fish House in Mission Valley. It was nearby, he didn't mind the place. We sat in the bar at a booth. The bar's kinda Loozianad up. I liked that there was a wall of hot sauce. The only hot sauce on the table was tabasco, and one that tasted like crab boil. The FP liked that one. It was okay, but not what I wanted. I looked at the ones on the shelf. They were all those gimicky habanero ones - the insanity and some others. There was one flask shaped bottle that was from Barbados. I figured it would be one of those fruity ones that I like, so I grabbed it. I noticed that it said refrigerate after opening. But I took the chance, I wanted to taste it. It was... mustardy. Weird. Then fruity hot. I liked it. The FP liked it. The FP got cioppino. The FP's dad got clam chowder and a ceaser salad. I got the barbeque shrimp entree - which had 4 more shrimp than the appetizer and came with rice. So the FP's dad, even though he felt bad, he guzzled up the chowder. Well, he usually doesn't eat fast, except for chowder. He eats it so fast, you don't even notice. The FP's cioppino was good. Tomatoey. He said the seafood was good, I didn't taste any of it. Dungeness crab, mussels, clams, cockles too maybe, squid. Mine was not New Orleans bbq shrimp. It was kinda the same tomato base as the cioppino, but then they put a whole lemon cut up in it and stewed it. So it was over the top lemon. I was pissed because it came a wedge of fresh lemon, so I squoze it in. Then as I was forking around the pan, I noticed the cooked lemon wedges. It was so tart, acrid, over the top. But I was starving,so I ate it. I ate most of the rice, dipped the garlic bread in the sauce. The shrimp were of course peeled and headless, so they had that flavor of the sauce really intensely soaked in them. I managed to eat 6 shrimp. I could have gotten the appetizer. Oh well.

After lunch, the FP's dad dropped us off, and then he headed back to Irvine to take a nap. That was a lot of driving for a bowl of clam chowder.

So we went to the Whistle Stop later on with the gang. The FP went to the bathroom. Then he had to come back out and annouce to everyone that he took his first ever #2 at the Whistlestop. So we applauded him. Personally, I think it was a #3.

We met some crazy drunk lady who is in the navy. She was about to ship out to guam, so she was,I guess having a last hurrah before she went to guam to party some more. So she showed us her stomach a couple of times. Later on, she showed some of us her boobs. After that, she moved on to another group at the bar, and she showed her pussy. Then she went to the corner to wait for the bus to go to Hillcrest to meet her friends.

So we went to the Casbah to see Vitro. Amazingly brilliantly fun show. I saw way more people bopping around than usual in SD. They are soooooo good. Next time they play, go see them.

So we left right after. The FP had been burping a lot at the Casbah. And it stunk. Very garlicky. And his stomach was not so good.

So we had to eat dinner. The FP had accidentally forgot some groceries for a sushi class at home. So we had 3 packs of tuna, one pack of shrimp and tofu. We didn't have any rice cooked, and I didn't want to wait for it. So I made like a poke. I sliced the nice and thin, then I put sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, fish sauce and a little siracha on it. It was so delicious. The FP wasn't hungry, and his stomach was not good. But then he tasted it, and he wanted some. So we ate 1 1/2 packs of tuna. About 2/3 a pound. Then we went to sleep.

Sunday morning breakfast. The Lumberjack grille. Although, I read that they changed ownership. So I wanted pancakes or a waffle, but in the end...I got corned beef hash, and so did the FP. We both got english muffin and hashbrowns. He got eggs smilin' atcha. I got eggs over easy. His eggs were cooked perfectly. Mine had runny whites in the middles. The corned beef hash was not fried enough. The hashbrowns had a small area of brownness. They were really hashwhites. Then middle of the hashwhites were raw. I like english muffins, but I think I like wheat toast better with eggs and hash. The english muffin is drier and thicker. I like the egg to kinda soften the toast a little and seep in. So this was a very disappointing breakfast. The past coupla times it was so good, and now this. We should have stayed at home and cooked. But I didn't want to mess up our nice newly cleaned kitchen!

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