Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dinner last night

So I had wanted to go to Popeye's when the Food Pimp got home from work. But he was really feeling bad. He's been having that awful chest and head congestion that a lot of people have been getting that lasts for like a month or so.

So we settled for KFC. I pulled up to the orderbox, and this gay guy is speaking to me on the other end. This process of ordering was a nightmare, because I would order 20 hot wings. Then there would be a half a second pause. Then we would both talk at the same time. Then we would both be quiet, then we would try to talk at the same time again. So I pulled up to the window, and there was the cute little gay guy in his KFC uniform with a white leather belt with star studs on it. I don't think that was a regulation uniform belt. Anyway, the FP said that I could never be friends with this guy because neither of us would be able to finish a sentence. So anyway, I had to ask for the gigantic handful of hot sauce. He gave me a medium handful of hot sauce and ketchup. So the FP picked out the ketchup and I had to hand them to the guy in return for more hot sauce, then he gave me some buffalo sauce too.

We got home, and we noticed that we also had an order of like barbeque nuggets. I don't know if I paid for them, or maybe the guy was hitting on me....
Anyway, they were gross - so sweet - and all white meat. No offense, but you people that like only white meat chicken, I just don't understand it. The dark meat's got all the flava!

Getting back to the meal that we actually ordered. The hot wings were overcooked, and they had lots of breading on them. Same with the fried chicken, but that's a little more forgiving because it's a bigger hunk of meat. The FP's mashed potatoes were cold, so he had to heat them up. I got a 2 piece extra crispy, dark meat of course if you're paying attention at all, and mashed potatoes and corn. So the chicken was okay. I just used my standard method of eating fried chicken. I pull meat off the bone, then I dunk it in a pool of hot sauce. I'm a dunker. My masheds were warm enough, and I just mixed my corn with my masheds and put some hot sauce on it. Oh, and my biscuit was pretty good as always, but I forgot to eat it until there was almost no mashed potatoes left. So I didn't really have any to dip my biscuit in, which is another one of my KFC/Popeye's rituals....

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