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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mardi Gras 2

So we watched Bacchus. It seemed smaller, and quieter than I remember. I didn't catch many beads, oh well, they're made in China by 12 year old girls who live in factory dormitories.

So King Couch dropped the second batch of crawfish. They were yummy. Nicely seasoned. The corn, potato and garlic was good too. The Giants won the Superbowl, everyone cheered. There was a spread of food inside. Mostly container girl's doing. Cheeses, chicken? salad, king cake, smoked salmon cheesecake a la Vega, orzo pasta - with the olives, tomatoes and feta - I ate that mostly. King cake of course. In the kitchen there was a bowl of dried fruit and nuts. We were hanging out there shooting the shit. No one was eating the prunes. I ate one, just because. Then Container Girl's dad broke out the smoked turkey. Every year he does it. It was pretty damn delicious. I ate a lot of that too. So we ate and drank, then we went back and crashed out.

The next morning, I couldn't sleep in. So I was allowed to get out of bed at 10 am I think. We went to Walmart, finished buying stuff for our costumes. Then it was time to eat. Everyone was starving. Our hostess had made cabbage slaw and red beans and rice. I wanted that, but Food Pimp wanted to go out. We were going to meet up with Fireman RR at Casamentos, but they were closed. So we went to the bulldog. It was weird. They had fenced and walled in a patio, and there was a beertap fountain. It looked nice, it just felt confining. We were hoping for those yummy chipotle tacos, but they had a limited menu. So we got the jambalaya. It was okay, kind of weird though. It had shredded cheese on it! And there was also something weird - file or something that was wrong. Oh well, it was sustenance. So we hung out there for a few hours, then we went to see Chelsea Bradshaw and Happy Frenchy. Happy had boiled up some crawfish. They were pretty much picked through and were cold and the small ones were left. So we didn't eat any. Anyway, we were there for a few, then we headed back to Container Girl's dad's because CWS was there with Musical Genius. So we got there. It was pretty much leftover night. All the same stuff replated, and some red beans and rice and roast beef or something. I didn't notice those two items until the end, so I didn't get to try them. I'm not sure if I ate. So we watched Orpheus, and hung out and drank beers until there were literally no more beers left in the place. Then we watched them clean up and we went to Le Bon Temps Roulez. We had to pay $10 to get in, for music we never went in to see. Mardi Gras! Oh well. We hung out there until I'm not sure - 1 or 2 then we went back. The FP and I couldn't sleep for about an hour. So I started to work on my costume, but I decided against it. I set our alarm for 5:30 or 6. We had to be at Nutella's place at 8.

Of course, I woke up before the alarm. I started on my costume - religious freak sandwich board. I had bought sharpies and stencils. Turns out the sharpies were dried up. They must have been one of the few things left in the store since Katrina. So I wandered into the kitchen and found a sharpie. I began the very tedious task of coloring the letters. I thought too late that I should have bought paint....

So then FP gets up, his outfit is pretty easy, just put it on and go.

The others started stirring. They were tired. But they all got up except for one. They dressed, and we were ready. We drove in the car, but then at the last minute, the one left behind called and asked that we bring her the keys. So we were dropped off, and they went back.

Breakfast. Yay! I was starving. King cake filled with cream cheese - too sweet - I used to love that shit! French toast - he bakes it in the oven, eggs, potatoes. It was delicious. I gobbled it up, then I made myself a mimosa, then I helped Nutella put glitter on himself. He was a snowflake.

So then the others showed up. They ate, we got drinks to go, we started walking. We walked and walked. We met more and more costumed folk. We interacted, we drank, we spent a lot of time trying to hook up with friends, some we met up, some, we didn't. Some we met up with by accident. It was an amazing day. Really a blur though. I won't go into too much gory detail. We did have really good purple daquiris at Lafitte's. We ended up at the Marigny though, as is tradition. It was amazing.

The next morning, we got a cab at 3:15. The guy was kinda weird. He asked us if we wanted earhart or I-10. We didn't care. He took Earhart. A few miles on it, he pulls over. Says his tire is flat. He gets out a compressor. It takes him 10 minutes to get it to work, then 15 minutes to fill the tire. Then we're off. We got there on time, then we got on the plane and we slept. We got home at 10 am. We got home,dropped our bags off, said hi to the cats, then we went to National City for Philippine food. I think FP had chicken and pork adobo, I think I got the chopped up roast pork and - maybe the pork hock in peanut sauce, I really don't remember. Then we took our leftovers, got movies and spent the rest of the day sprawled out in the living room in front of the TV. It was a great weekend, but we were glad to be home....

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