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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Popeye's Wednesday Night

So the FP had a class near a Popeye's, so I was very excited to hear him clanging and rattling up the stairs when he got home that night. (He carries all his stuff in a big rubbermaid bin, and he just throws it all in after class, so all the pots and utensils and stuff just bang around in the bin.)

So I pretty much snatch the bag from him and look inside. There's 2 large sides: on red beans and rice, the other mashed potatoes. There are boxes, each with 3 piece spicy dark chicken and both with a side of dirty rice. Very intelligent move. See, I don't really like the dirty rice. I have to reiterate how I'm not really a chicken liver fan. It tastes, too, well, livery. So anyway, this way the Food Pimp gets almost a large side of dirty rice, and we split the red beans and mash.

The chicken was great. Crispy, spicy, hot, and tender flesh. Like grandma's fried chicken. Okay, my grandma didn't cook fried chicken, and she was pretty old already when I met her and she didn't cook. I doubt the FP's grandma cooked good fried chicken. Do they know how to cook that shit in Pennsylvania?

The dirty rice, from the FP's account, was not too good. I guess the taste was good, but they seemed to have mixed "clean" rice in with the dirty rice for filler. The problem was that the clean rice wasn't fully cooked, so it was crunchy, or toothsome.

The mashed potatoes were delicious. I love that spicy gravy, they just don't give enough. Next time we should maybe ask for a side of gravy. The mashed potatoes were creamy goodness. I'm pretty fickle about mashed potatoes. I like them fluffy, but I also like creamy mashed potatoes. As long as they're not gluey. Don't cool them off and mash them or overwork them. That's a mashed potato mortal sin!

The red beans and rice were great. The red beans are so creamy and kind of salty in a good way. The only problem I have is that they put the rice on top and it's just kind of hard to mix the red beans and rice in the container that they come in. If they came in a wider bowl type container, it would be way easier to mix them. They were delicious though, as I wrote.

Oh and the biscuit. Good as usual. Great for dipping in the mashed potatoes and red beans and rice. Nothing like Popeye's at 9 pm right before bed.

On a side note, I wonder why I seem to be getting softer and wider?

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