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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Saturday grub

We woke up yesterday morning, we got dressed, and we got in the car. I wasn't quite sure where we were going, I wanted it to be a surprise. I thought it would be Lucky's Golden Phenix or the Old Mill Cafe - formerly the Lumberjack Grille. So we ended up at the Old Mill, which was fine with me.

The Food Pimp got the corned beef hash with home fries, eggs smilin at him, and english muffin. I wanted that, but I was staring at the specials board, so I was deciding between the New York steak and eggs or the Blueberry pancakes 222 (2 pancakes, 2 eggs and 2 bacon). I know they are totally different, but that's how my brain works. I've been craving sweet, but something meaty like steak with runny egg yolk on it sounded good too. So I got the 222.

The FP's plate looked perfect. I really should have brought the camera for this one. The eggs were perfectly cooked, the home fries were brown and crispy, and the corned beef hash had a crust all on the top. That cook was patient! So everything he was was great. I feel like whenever I get the corned beef hash plate it's hit or miss, but when he gets it and I don't it's the best.

My 222 was, not so good. The bacon was alright. The eggs over easy were okay. But I realize that I have to eat eggs with toast. I just can't eat them just like that. The pancakes were really good - oh - except for the 3 inch diameter circle of raw batter in the middle of the top pancake. I cut into it and batter oozed out. So I inspected both pancakes, and realized it was just that middle of the first one. I really didn't want to ask them to take it back and recook it, because I figured I would get a rubbery overdone pancake. So I made a decision and just cut the raw part away and put it on the side of my plate. The rest of that pancake was delicious. Frozen blueberries are the way to go for this. They stay whole when the pancakes are cooking, and then when you bite into them they are juicy. If you use fresh blueberries, don't mix them into the batter, drop them in the pancakes right before you flip them over. That way they won't pop and run and turn the pancakes a funny color.

So we went home and I took a nap and the FP watched Meet the Press or something. About 4 1/2 hours later, we were both thinking of food again. Yes, we are sick people. We like to indulge, okay? If we both were anorexic, this might not be as interesting:

I chewed a stick of gum, 5 calories, for 2 hours until my jaw hurt. I drank a gallon and a half of water. Then I went crazy and ate 1 oz of nonfat yogurt. At night I had a Tab for dessert. Ummmmm. That was decadent.

So we went for lunch.

Long John Silver's!!!!!! I was so excited. So we get there and there is one guy ordering, then we're next. For some reason, this guy was taking forever. Of course. Why was he standing in the way of ecstasy for me and the FP? Finally, he moves on. We step up to the plate. Funny chubby gay guy took our order. He was very congenial. This was one instance in which I could order first. L10, substitute corn on the cob for coleslaw. The FP got L10, no substitutions. 2 medium diet cokes. $17.20 is your total, wait for your number to be called. We got a table close by. We got 10 paper cups of cocktail sauce, and 15 packets of malt vinegar and the hot sauce bottle. We waited patiently. It only took few minutes. Our order was correct.

I emptied packets of malt vinegar in one of the compartments on my black plastic plate. Then I added hot sauce to it. The FP liked to sprinkle hot sauce and malt vinegar all over his food. That is less effective, but it's a free country. I decided not to arrest him. The paperwork would take forever and then my fried feast would be cold and soggy.

So we dug in. The fish was perfectly battered and fried. The shrimp was good. The clams were nice and separated. Sometimes some jackass throws too many packets of clams in the frier at once and doesn't try to gently separate them. The fries were hot and fresh. The corn on the cobb was warm and not completely overcooked. The diet coke had a refreshing amount of CO2 in it. The coleslaw - yuck. I hate that coleslaw. The FP likes it. That's one of his few flaws. It was perfect. Screw lunching at some fancy smancy French bistro on the veranda. LJS is where it's at. I was happy. Then we went home and watched TV. I think I took another nap. Lunch always makes me sleepy.

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