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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Super Super Cocina Sunday Brunch

Some people go to the Parkhouse for Sunday Brunch - we go to Super Cocina. We woke up late. We stayed out until maybe 10or so the night before, but the FP slept in until about 10:30 am. So he woke up, and we went straight down University. It was kind of busy. We got in line, and the two older men were working the line. They always give us samples. I don't know if they're just being nice because they don't remember us, or they think that we are dumb non mexicans that don't know what we want. Anyway, they gave us a sample of that smoky chipotle chicken stew. Every time someone gives us a sample of that, we both end up getting it, because it's that damn good. It's smoky, it's rich, it's bright and earthy and chickeny and very spicy. It doesn't really need hot sauce. We also saw some lengua - tongue - so they gave us a sample of that. It was delicious. Nicely sliced thin pieces of tongue in a meaty sauce. But the eggs looked different today. They looked like they were in some pepper sauce instead of the tomato broth. The sauce was darker, browner. So I got that. The FP got the lengua, of course.

So we sat down, and there was no hot sauce bottle. They had about 2 or 3, but they were all being used. The FP looked bewildered. He sat for a few seconds and scanned the room. The table next to us had a bottle. So he asked if we could use it. We both scribbled all over our food with red hot sauce, and then the FP handed it back. The guy next to us got up and walked away. Maybe to the bathroom. His wife didn't seem to be using it. We should have kept it. Oh well. Now we were ready to chow down. Two combo plates with pinto beans (whole, not pureed) and rice, cilantro and chopped onion garnish and warm tortillas.

So I tried my eggs. They were not in pepper sauce like I suspected. My tastebuds were sleepy - because my head was quite congested still - but I could tell that it wasn't peppers. The eggs were firmer than usual and the avocado was not quite ripe. After a few bites I figured it out. Of course, it was unripe fresh tomato puree. I guess they ran out of canned tomato or whatever they usually use, and they didn't strain it. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't nearly as good as it usually is. At any rate, I just ripped off a piece of tortilla, spooned in some rice, some beans, a little chicken with sauce and some egg. When I ate it all together, it was delicious. Super Cocina brunch tacos, ole! Watch them put that on the Chili's menu in a month or two. The FP finished his plate, but I probably ate half of mine. I was really full. It's funny because when we first discovered Super Cocina, we used to eat there 2 or 3 times a week, no problem. Sometimes I finished my food, to the FP's disappointment. Not anymore. I just can't eat as much. Maybe I should get a tapeworm. I don't want to let my audience down. So we left to take a nap. The lovely brunch had tired us out.

On a side note, that guy at the table next to us still hadn't returned from the bathroom when we left. Guess he used too much of that salsa picante, or maybe he had drank too many cervezas y tequila the night before.

Skipping on to dinner. Neither of us felt like cooking or going anywhere far, so the obvious choice was the Great wall Chinese food. The FP was in the car waiting for a parking space, so I ran in and ordered. He wanted the curry chicken, but there wasn't really any left in the steam table. So I asked if they had anymore. It was only 6 pm. So they did, and it would take a few minutes. So I ordered lo mein, the vegetable stir fry with chicken and the jalapeno chicken wings. For the FP, I got rice, beef broccoli, and the curry chicken. When he brought the curry chicken out, it looked good. So that cost us under $9 for about 7 pounds of food.

So I ate my chicken wings first. They weren't really chicken wings. On closer inspection, I realized they were cut up drumsticks. Which is fine. They tasted good, the meat was tender, but the skin wasn't really really crispy. And they were not spicy. Oh well.

On to my lo mein and stir fry. It looked nice and fresh. Too fresh. The vegetables were a little too al dente. The noodles were also a little firm for my taste. I think this might have been a first for me. The steam table food had in fact not sat in the steam table for long enough. Usually, my gripe with a steam table is that it keeps the food cooking, to the point where it's disintegrating or dried up because it's been in there longer than it should be. I think that if I had ordered my food a half hour or hour later, it probably would have been perfect. Oh well, a good portion of my joy of eating is the excitement of the experience, and a part of it is feeding my carnal lust to gorge on food.

Oh yeah, the Food Pimp's dinner - I guess it was great. He ate it all, in a relatively short amount of time. I asked him how it was, and he said it was good. So that's his side. Maybe one day he'll write blog entry, but I doubt it. Don't miss any meals waiting around to read his recommendations, or anything like that.

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