Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tita's Kitchenette

God, Tita sure can cook. So we went there for bruch yesterday - Saturday. It was pretty damn busy. There were a few other non-flips there. Maybe 4. We went around 11:30, which is prime time. They were running out of food but not yet replenishing. There was no adobo!!!! But when we walked in the side door, there was a man with a cutting board set up on card table, and he was chopping up ------roast pig!!!!! So I had this red beef stew, I don't know the name of it - and the roast pork of course. I don't know what the Food Pimp was thinking. I know he was pretty disappointed not having the adobo. So he had the red beef and the menudo.

So the menudo is not quite like spanish menudo. It's pretty much beef stew. It's got potatoes, carrots and peas. It's always really good.

The red beef, we found out was red partially because it had shrimp paste in it. Not too much. There was one dish that was sooo pink it looked like they dumped pepto bismol all over it. That looked like overkill with the shrimp paste. If you've never tried it, just go to the oriental market and buy a jar of it. It's maybe $2.50. Open it up and just smell it. You don't even have to taste it. It's strong stuff. You'll get all the baleen whale knocking on your door. I know that's not really funny, but that's the first image I conjured up in my crazy head. Anyway, shrimp paste, when used in moderation adds a whole other dimension to food. When you make a fried asian sauce, you can put a dab of shrimp paste in there.

Anyway, that red beef was good. I'm gonna eat my leftovers after I'm done writing this.

The roast pork though. That is the shit that my fantasies are made of. Yeah, I'm back on the pork porn. I'm addicted to it. They displayed the head in the buffet, and I wondered if we could buy it. It was so crunchy and golden looking.

So the roast pork came with a nice sinigang - a tangy tamarind soup made with some of the drippings with bok choy. It was good. And it also came with a thickened pork sauce. With garlic and sugar maybe and lots of black pepper. When I tasted it on it's own I had mixed feelings. With the pork and the garlic vinegar - delicious. The pork had lots of crispy fat squares - like crackers. So I ate those first. I figured, they wouldn't be crispy when I reheated the leftovers. The FP kept taking pieces of pork. I was definitely getting very animalistic territorial over my pig meat with each piece he took. Why didn't he just get some too? Anyway, the meat was succulent. I think the word succulent was invented to describe roast pork. It must have been. Anyway, succulent. The skin that was soggy, wow, that was a flavor explosion. That was the part that was sitting in the pan. It was so strong and salty, but in a very good way. Eat some skin, eat some meat, eat some soggy skin. Repeat. God, I have another one of those mouth erections. I need a napkin or I'm going to slobber on the keyboard.

Hafta go eat now!

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