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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

What I ate at work on Thursday

So, you know, being a cook, some people ask, do you eat all day at work? Or how are you not really fat because you must eat a lot at work? Or something like that. Well, I barely eat a "meal" at work, I often take food home at the end of my shift, because it's just not satisfying to me to eat standing up. Like I used to hate those areas in airports and train stations that had the high tables so you could eat while standing up. Like those are for people "on the go" because I guess eating standing up works with gravity and makes the food go down faster? Whatever.

Anyway, I wrote down everything I ate at work on Thursday. Usually I think I eat more than this:

2 1/2 inch cubes of nutella scone (yeah I make them myself - I'm a real baker((read in sarcastic voice)))

1 butt end and 1 middle slice Milton's multigrain bread with butter (this is some really good bread!)

6-7 slices banana (gotta ward off the muscle cramps)

2 1/2 inch chunks cantaloupe (I tasted the first piece to see if it was any good, the second because it was surprisingly better than it looked)

2 shreds parmesan cheese (I swear, it was a different brand cheese with really long pretty shreds, so I wanted to taste it)

1 oz mushroom soup (this was to taste for seasoning, it was perfect)

1 3/4 inch cube focaccia (compulsion - I have to cut this bread up every day, so I just eat a piece every time)

1/2 thin slice of pear (this was terrible, it tasted like wood)

1/4 a fairly large strawberry (They were pretty, but I had the feeling they wouldn't taste too great, they didn't, but they weren't bad either)

1 bite cucumber (sometimes they are terrible, I think that they are grown in a field of arsenic, so I am always curious to see if they're good or not, this one was actually good)

1 bite croissant(this was just compulsive, I didn't want it, an edge just fell off the crossaint onto the cutting board)

If I felt like it, I would go online and look all this shit up to see how many calories I ingested that shift. But I'm too lazy and I kinda don't want to know either...........

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