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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Babbo Grande

So this place used to be Crepes du Paris. This guy bought the place and the spot next door and remodelled. It was called Big Daddy's for a couple of weeks, but now it's Babbo Grande. Right now it's still in the transition stage. There is a whole lot of space - not much real estate. But the big huge booths are very comfy. It's still kind of a mish mosh of decor. It's got some of the old cafe furniture and the new banquets. There's a fancy chandelier when you walk in. It's worrysome though, because they painted in flourescent paint all over the windows. It says CREPES, and the hours of operation. Which the Food Pimp was waondering whether they are doing well if that's the way they advertise. But, I'm not one to be negative about the longevity of a new place. Oh wait, yes I am! I just wonder if this guy has any restaurant experience. I mean, everyone is very nice - which is great - because as Crepes du Paris - the people there were horribly mean and scary.

So we've been here twice. The first time we got fritattas. Which I thought it was cool that they added something new and unusual on the menu. The only problem was, they weren't that good. The FP got the Paisano - with like ham and peppers and onions or something. We had this big debate as to what kind of ham it would be. I said - you know - american pink ham. Brine cured not air cured. He thought it should be proscuitto. I said it would say proscuitto if it was. It was ham. I got some veggie one with mushrooms and stuff. I really don't remember. But anyway, they were kind of overcooked and just not exciting. They really weren't bad, but, I just was envisioning it different in some way. But we figured we would give the place another try. They seem like good people.

So we went back this morning. We got crepes. The FP got the banana nutella crepes, of course. I got the strawberry banana crepes. They were presented the same way as before - 2 crepes rolled around the filling. Mine was just fresh strawberries and bananas sliced and in crepes, with a little teeny raspberry sauce on the outside - squeeze bottle? And the FP got banana slices and a little nutella. And then the hersey's syrup for garnish. They were crispy crepes - like they stuck it in the oven a little too long. The FP kept saying how they were the texture of cracker. They were okay. Not horrible, not great. The thing about Crepes du Paris, was that, they were scary people, but the crepes were great. Now these are very nice people, but the crepes were just okay. Which would you prefer? I'm not sure. Why can't I have both. I think it's not too much to ask. Hopefully we just were there on an off morning. Everyone has an off morning. Even me, which is like 4 out of 5 mornings, but I attribute that to being burnout at my job with no end in sight. Unless I die. If I die, they can't expect me to show up or it will be like Weekend at Bernies.

Oh well, next time, we're going to Cafe on Park instead. Maybe if this place opens for pizza and stuff we'll try it again.

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