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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Friday, May 9, 2008

Chicago On a Lame Ass Bun

So, the Food Pimp picked me up from work today. We are both still not feeling too well. Oh gee, maybe if I had sick days and there were actually someone who could cover for me and I took some time off I would have recovered faster. But I'm not bitter.

Anyway, the FP wanted to eat something fast, so we went next door to Chicago on a Bun. I have worked next to this place for a year and a half, and this was my first time setting foot in there. Which is weird, because I really go nuts for wieners! Ha Ha Ha Anyway, I'm not even kidding. So the place is decorated like a guy would decorate - it's got random Chicago memorabilia, and then it has those generic signs. You know, like the Vienna Beef aluminum sign with the picture of the hot dog on a seeded bun. Kinda like the hotdog equivalent of the greek restaurant gyro sign. You know what sign I'm talking about? If not, go to a greek place and look for it. You'll see it. I swear.

Getting back to Chicago on a Bun, I got the jumbo dog which was like $4.50. Just for that. The FP got the italian sausage deluxe combo which was about $9. The combo comes with chips or fries and a medium drink. This is in a pricey area I guess. They couldn't get away with these prices in North Park or South Park. So it took a little while. The FP was getting irritable. I guess he wasn't feeling too well. So the food came in those red plastic baskets. I got the jumbodog. It was jumbo if today is opposite day. But I thought that Thursday was opposite day. Okay. it seemed small. That's what all the girls say, right? Well maybe we do, but what are we comparing it to? So the garnishes on mine were mustard, tomato slice, relish, hot peppers and pickle. The tomato was strange but it was thin slices so it was okay. The relish was that blue green stuff. There were only one or two hot peppers. They were good though. The bun didn't have those seeds on it like in the picture - nor did the hot dog "fill up the bun" like in the picture either. The hotdog itself was okay. Maybe my tastebuds are still off though. Nevertheless, it was a disappointing $4.50 lunch. I finished. Then I ate the fruit from the lunch that I had made. I actually threw the sandwich away because I knew I wouldn't eat it. I didn't even want it when I made it - tuna fish.

The FP got the fries because he saw malt vinegar. The fries were really good. They were fresh and crispy. Then there was his sausage. It was so hard and overcooked looking. I didn't even taste it. It didn't look good. But at least there seemed to be a lot of it. It was cut in 2. It had mustard, grilled onions and green peppers - and maybe that was it. It was supposed to have hot peppers, but he didn't get any. I guess they gave them all to me. But that sausage... the FP said, I guess I should know better than to order italian sausage when the picture they display of their italian sausage is overcooked. And I looked on the wall. The sausage looked just like the one in his red basket - browned and dried out. Oh well. I took a sip of his diet coke. It tasted good. I haven't had caffeine in 2 weeks. Not that I usually have much. In the morning at work I drink steamed soy milk with like a splash of coffee - then I refill it once. So all in all, I have about 4 -6 oz of coffee Monday thru Friday. Unless I stayed up late the night before and I'm tired. Then I have 8 - 12 oz of coffee!

Anyway, my review is for Chicago On a Bun, not for how much coffee I drink. I give them 3 chopsticks \/\. I'm not sure why I'm being so generous. I guess because I'm delirious still.

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