Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Marukai Market Dinner

So one evening after recording in the "studio" (it's really just our practice space) we stopped by marukai to get dinner. I had wanted hamachi kama, but it didn't look good, so we passed on that. The pike mackerel looked nice, so we got a pack of 3 for like $3.40. Then we saw some kind of little Japanese sausages (guess the Japanese don't have any kind of inferiority complex with such small sausages). We also got a few veggies.

So the FP cooked dinner. He sauteed some ginger and garlic, then he added that broccoli- like vegetable. cabbage and those big mushrooms whose name I can never remember because it's different in different stores and stuff. Anyway, he and I prepare these mushrooms quite differently. I pull them apart by strands by hand. He slices them, so they keep the dense texture. They are very meaty that way. Both are good, it's just interesting the way we differ, isn't it? Okay, well it is to me. So anyway, he throws in these baby pea shoots last, and that's the veg done.

Then he frys up the pike mackerel, and you know what he puts in the pan with it - the little japanese sausages! So the fish tasted meaty and the sausage tasted fishy - but in a good way, not a gross way. The sausages were very good. They had that breakfast sausage taste without the weirdness that breakfast sausage has. I know what I mean, but I'm not sure how to explain it to you.
Here's some pictures. I assure you it tasted so much better than it looks. I'm not a professional photographer or anything....

And of course we had sticky rice to complete the meal. We got some new brand called Haruka - medium grain. It is good. So go to Marukai Market. But if you're looking for marukai porn, we don't have that here. I still don't know what that is, anyway.

So here's the funny thing about the pea shoots. The FP has trouble digesting greens, as in, they come out pretty much not broken down at all. How do I know? Sometimes he doesn't check to see if he needs to flush twice, then I come in and lo and behold, there's greens floating in the toilet. And sometimes they are still vivid green. So these pea shoots are very small, and let's just say, they just went through his system, not ravaged at all.

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dionne said...

Thanks for sharing and thanks for the laugh!!