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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Now that was a hotdog!

So I didn't feel like cooking last night. The kitchen was dirty. I did most of the dishes, but I didn't want to make many more dirty dishes again. So I went to the store and was looking for something hassle free. Then I saw it. The sign for a pack of Hebrew National jumbo dogs for $5. That's $1.25 a dog, and they are bigger than that "jumbo dog" I got at Chicago on a Bun. And to tell you the truth, ever since I ate at Chicago on a Bun, I've been wanting to redeem my tastebuds with a good hotdog. I guess it's like chasing the dragon - chasing the wiener instead. So I got all the fixins.

I heated up the oven for the country style Ore Ida fries. Oh yes, I did buy them. It's funny because this Albertson's had a small selection of frozen fries. I remember at the Sav A Center and Albertson's in New Orleans, there were all kinds of fries and tater tots to choose from.

So when the oven was hot, I put the fries in. Then I sliced pickles, opened the jar of sliced jalapenos - sliced longways not crossways, thin sliced onions, broke out the French's yellow mustard, Louisiana hot sauce and London Pub brand malt vinegar.
So I microwaved my dog when my fries were done. I got the Sara Lee Center Split Deli rolls, and I microwaved that for a few. I know I should have put it in the oven, but I was really too lazy. Then..... I put it all together.

This is what it looked like.

So with the malt vinegar, I got a little sauce dish and filled it up with malt vinegar. I put the mustard on the plate. I like to dip my fries in mustard and ketchup too sometimes, and then I dip it in the malt vinegar. The fries get soggy if you sprinkle the vinegar all over them, unless you are a really fast eater. You can read a more indepth explanation of my dipping method if you look in the archives for my Long John Silvers blog. You can find it in the labels listed on the side. I went and checked. Long John Silvers is listed twice, and in both blogs I explain my dipping method. I hope no one gets bored when I repeat myself.

So this dog way surpassed that puny Chicago on a Bun dog. And by the way boys and girls too, size does matter! It really does!

So then I was thoroughly enjoying my meal, and then the Food Pimp came home. He laughed at the sight of me eating a hotdog and fries in front of the TV. I would have laughed too. But then he right away prepared himself a hotdog. He didn't even wait for the fries to cook before he ate it. Then he ate another. And he's not a big hotdog eater, contrary to rumors that sometimes circulate. He would never be the one to say, lets get a hotdog. Usually I want one, and then he decides he wants one too. Then he ate his fries. He doused his fries in malt vinegar. I guess that's one of the quirky things that we do differently.

How do you eat your fries and malt vinegar?


dionne said...

well i don't have malt vinegar, so when i had my crispy battered haddock (starfish brand from whole foods) with my boy yesterday, i mixed mirin and brown rice vinegar fer dippin. wasn't the same, but it worked good enough for me. and by the way, Rouses (a louisiana co.) bought out sav-a-center. Your opening reminds me of the movie Tampopo.

jj said...

we must have some sort of physic connection, b/c thats what i had last night or hot dogs are F-ing delicious.