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Thursday, July 17, 2008

del Del Taco

That means of the Del Taco....

So Sunday night, we played that show at the Backstage at the Bitter End (my band, perfect blue, played the show - we're apocalyptic atmospheric indi puss rock on crack). And actually, we kicked ass. I mean - I think it went really well. And I am a diehard pessimist. So being downtown, we stopped by Del Taco on the way home for a midnight dinner.

Now, growing up on the eastern seaboard (well, the FP grew up in Western PA, but he likes to call it east coast) we had Taco Bell. When we moved here, we saw Del Taco, but didn't know anything about it. Then people told me it was good. And it was on the way home from my first, very short job here. So at 2 am when I'm hungry and driving home from the bar, what do I do, I stop at Del Taco for the first time. I have to say, it blew Taco Bell away. I know, a lot of you are thinking - are you kidding? What about the local real mexican restaurants? Well I think all kinds of places have their... well, place. I'm not saying that I would go to Del Taco for lunch with my family or anything. But for fast food, I stand by Del Taco. I know that now, if Thomas Keller or Tom Colicchio are reading this blog entry, neither of them are going to hire me like they were thinking of before they started to read it. Oh well...sigh.

Anyway, I like Del Taco. There. I said it. I don't care what you think about me. Okay. I do care. But this is a one way conversation, so I don't know what you think about me unless you send me a comment anyway. I LIKE DEL TACO. And no, I don't consider myself a real "chef" anyway. If some of the people I have known call themselves chefs, I don't want to be in the same club as those guys anyway....

So yeah. We got two #11s or some high number like that. A beef burrito, a crunchy taco, crinkle fries and a drink - macho sized.

So the drinks were lemonade. That's the only noncarbonated drink I think they have. And it tastes like lemon pledge. But I was thirsty on the way home, so I drank it. But it's weird, because I haven't eaten Del Taco in a long time, and there was something so reassuring about the fact that the lemonade tasted exactly like it did last time I went there. And the time before that. And the time before that.

I love crinkle cut fries. It's definitely a comfort food thing. When they are crunchy on the outside and soft like mashed potatoes on the inside. They smelled good on the way home. But I didn't eat any. Amazingly. I should have. They were kind of not as hot as I thought and limp when we dug into them. There were too many. I don't know if I've ever said that before. But there were two cups of fries. Like drink cups. 32 or 24 oz cups full of fries! Okay, we ate a lot of them, but not all of them. The Food Pimp broke out the mustard and malt vinegar, of course. Ooh, very multicultural, this late night meal!

On to the burritos. They are just ground beef burritos with cheese. Nothing special. But they just taste good. It's like the same spices that fake mexican joints have, but more of it. More garlic, chili pepper, grease, you know, the flavorful part. Anyway, we got del Scorcho sauce to squirt onto our burritos and tacos. mmm mmm good. I scarfed that shit down. And then that crunchy taco. You know, like, american (as in United States - because Mexico is America too, but we United States citizens seem to forget that fact because the whole world does revolve around us) style. Lettuce, cheese, ground beef. Same seasoned ground beef, but in a crunchy shell with the addition of lettuce. It was really tasty too, though. Can you imagine if fine dining places did pre fix menus the way fast food places did:

Potato soup

Exotic Beef Empananda

Spicy Beef Vol a Vent

Lemon Martini

Okay, I'm not going to sit here for ten minutes coming up with a more fine dining menu, but you get the point. It's not a well balanced meal. Oh, but you say it's fast food. Oh, well, excuse me. If I want to eat an unbalanced meal, why does it have to be fast food? Tell me that. I don't think it's fair.

Anyway, if you live in San Diego and you've never been to Del Taco, you should go. It's a cultural experience. Like going to Inn N Out Burger, but on a lower level.

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