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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

El Salvadoreno Breakfast

So, yeah, we went there again, on a Sunday morning. They had just opened when we got there. This seems to happen a lot.

So they were setting up, it took a while - but of course we were very hungry. We had not eaten dinner the night before. That is very rare. Not normal behavior at all for us. We had walked to the bar that night, and the only food on the way home from there is Jack in the Box. Which, I'm not a fast food snob, but, I am kind of a bit put off by Jack in the Box. It's just okay. But a couple people have gotten sick after eating there. Anyway, we just passed out Saturday night.

So Sunday morning, we were sitting, waiting. We ordered a pupusa, so we would have something to eat while waiting for our other dishes. The sauces came out first. The hot sauce was pretty hot, very smooth and smoky. The other thing was frothy. The FP stirred it, and there were bubbles. It didn't taste spoiled, so we just let it sit to see if bubbles would reappear. They didn't really reappear. This stuff isn't really good anyway. It's the one thing we don't really like at El Salvadoreno. It's just like chicken broth and canned tomato.

We panicked a little, because the waiter didn't bring the slaw with the hot sauce like he usually did. But we figured if the pupusa came out without slaw we would ask. I think they hadn't finished making it at that time, so I decided not to panick. Not yet. The pupusa took a while though. It was hot when we got it. A little too hot and a little greasy. We should have let it sit for a minute, but we were too goshdarned hungry. We pretty much devoured it. It was tasty, as usual.


I took the picture after the FP quartered it and put slaw on it.

Then the main event. I got pork chops and fried yucca. The yucca was very nicely done. Big thick slabs of it, crispy on the outside, starchy fluff on the inside. Um um good. The pork chop. It was very strange. It was highly seasoned, but it tasted like it was seasoned with one of those McCormicks seasoning mixes. Very black peppery. It took me by surprise, that first bite. Then I assessed the flavor. It was delicious. Just not what I expected. Very nicely cooked thin pork chops. I was happy.


The Food Pimp got the carne guisado. Beef stew. The beans were really pureed that morning, much like the first time he got them. The stew was hearty, rich, meaty. very comfort food tasting. The interesting thing about it, is that those chunks of beef always look really dried out, but they are so tender. Like plastic spoon tender. But not falling apart. So...toothsome. The carrots were undercooked like always, I guess because we get there so early.


I know it doesn't look like much, but you have to taste it to appreciate it. It's all in the flavor. You know, like all brains, no looks. Yum. Brains sound good right about now. Oh, it's 8:55. No wonder I feel like eating. Maybe I'll just do a morning number 2 instead.

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