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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, July 28, 2008


So, some of you know, that I have this band - I'm not the band leader, but I came up with the name, so if we ever split up, I'm keeping the name - called perfect blue, not the perfect blue, not a perfect blue, not prefect blue, not joey's perfect blue, and not guest. For some reason, people get our name screwed up. Anyway, I we practiced last Monday, and then the FP and I needed to get dinner. We thought we were on Convoy Street, so we should get something there. We had seen Yoshinoya before, but we had never been there. It was clearly open, so we figured it was a good chance to go there and cross it off the Convoy street list. I pictured udon and ramen and other cheap japanese noodle dishes. http://www.yoshinoyausa.com/menu.html There's the menu. No noodles. Rice dishes. So the FP got the beef bowl and I got the combo. On the way home, it was stinking up the car. It smelled like cafeteria beef. It was such a distinct smell that reminded me of elementary school, that I kind of liked the smell. I think others would find it repulsive.

So we got home, and opened our boxes. I forgot to take a picture first, so here's what it looked like after we messed them around.



So we both got the beef, and I got the addition of the chicken. That sauce smell was so overwhelming. It was like, the sauce packets for gravy that they have in the grocery store. Don't ask me who "they" is, it's just a nawlins saying that I used to make fun of, but I now use. Anyway, that's what it tasted like, prefab sauce and MSG. The chicken was a little more, um, bbq flavor maybe, but generally the same. The weirdest thing though was the beef. It was that thin sliced, maybe chuck. It was you know, like the thin thin meat like for sukiyaki, shabu shabu or whatever. The only problem, was that it was poor quality meat. Just no flavor, just bizarre. Andrew Zimmern should do a bizarre fast foods episode and go to Yoshinoya.

The veggies. That was something else. They were steamed carrot, broccoli, kind of like that bag of veggies you get out of the freezer section. They were gummable. Very soft. And the rice, it was hammered. Water logged, overcooked by at least 10 minutes. Just terrible.

But we were starving. We both ate most of our food. The FP said that when he took the last bite, he almost barfed, so then he stopped eating. That would have made for a better story, but he didn't. In a bizarre way, I liked the cheap fake taste of the food. It was so, bad for you tasting. It's like, how could anyone eat that food and go back for more. I mean, it was kind of late, maybe they were about to close and let the rice and veggies overcook. But the beef.... it was just weird. Like I wrote before. Weird. Bizarre.

Yoshinoya. If I had a Convoy list, I would cross out Yoshinoya with a big red x so I would remember never to return. As if I would forget. I give them \/ two chopsticks. Why 2? Why not 1? Well, \. one chopstick because we almost ate all of it, and /, the second chopstick because we kept it down.

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