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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Delicious,Light,Nutritious, Healthy Breakfast.......Not

So, this new schedule is weird. Well, I don't really have a schedule yet. Some days I work doubles, some days I work under 8 hours, I usually have to come in for a few hours on one of my days off...fun stuff.

Anyway, this morning, I got up after a nip and pet session with the Fuzz and then Stinksy plunking down on my side for 40 minutes. The Fuzz and Stinksy are our children by the way - our feline children. So I awoke to the Food Pimp in the computer room fully dressed with iced coffee 2/3rds finished. He's been very antsy and obsessed with Gustav, seeing as how the rascal may be bearing down on our hometown (adopted hometown) in a few days - and this being the 3 year anniversary of the big K.

So he's being running a lot - like miles every day. His face turns purple and he's been getting broken blood vessels in his foot and stuff. I've never heard of that shit. Anyway, he was getting ready to run. I was thinking of going for a jog with him. Usually we jog together the first 20 minutes, then I turn around and he continues another hour or two. Well, I haven't really jogged in almost 2 years, and I started back this week. So I thought about it for a few minutes, then thought better of it. It is Friday and we should be busy tonight, so I should conserve my energy, I thought. So I was just going to wait for breakfast or lunch.

But then we ended up deciding to go for breakfast instead of exercise. I thought of Perry's - the Breakfast House. I have been eyeing this place for years, but we never thought of going there. Plus we would not have wanted to go on a weekend because we hate waiting and we hate crowds pretty much.

So we got there and the parking lot was only maybe a third full. It was just 9, so I guess we got there at a good time. I put our name on the list, and we were 3rd. Everything is in 3rds today. So in 2 minutes the guy called our name. We got the back corner booth where I could watch the kitchen from, which was nice. We were handed the gigantic menu, and I was overwhelmed. Fritattas, or fancy omelettes and mexican breakfast on the front. Eggs, pancakes, french toast, other stuff on the next. Lunch, then specials on the back.

The FP had been talking about chicken fried steak for a week now. I'm not sure why. But they had it as a special. I was debating between a mexican breakfast and smoked pork chop and corned beef hash. Although, waffles sounded good too. The lady came to take our order, so I had to make my decision - pork chop, home fries, over easy and wheat toast. I figured the mexican breakfast might be too "touristy" seeing as how there was only one mexican on the line, and I wasn't sure if he would be the one cooking the mexican breakfast. All the rest of the cooks were over 45 and they looked like hotel cooks - which should be a good thing. For breakfast you want a well oiled machine of a kitchen.

The FP got chicken fried steak, home fries, smilin at ya, and biscuit with free gravy.

So the coffee came. It was weak of course - but I expected it to be.

Then our food came after not too long of a wait.

The pork chop was blackened a bit on the edges, pink and dry looking. The eggs looked nice, the home fries looked beautiful - nice and browned, crispy, but cooked.
So the pork chop was cured in ham brine - the FP described it as ham with the bone in. Very apt description. Disappointing. I envisioned some kind of cold smoked chop that would be tender with egg dripping over it. As long as I ate the chop with egg and fries it was okay. Not bad so to speak - just not what I wanted at all.

The FP's chicken fried steak was more disappointing to him than mine was to me. It was smothered in gravy, but it was still hard. It was not what seemed like fresh dredged steak - but frozen. He said it reminded him of something he would have been served in high school. His biscuit was also buried in gravy, as to be expected, but even still, the biscuit was also too dry and crisp, not delicately flaky like it should have been. Don't get me wrong, we pretty much ate almost all of it. The FP laughed when I scraped the little bit of marrow fron the middle of the pork bone and sucked it up. That was the best part of the chop. Then we sat there. And we sat there. Our server was also working the counter, and the rush was coming in. So she had a whole new turn there, and she had forgotten us. So I went and patiently stood at the end of the counter. This old lady there, who was obviously a regular, must have been uncomfortable with me standing there. Finally she asked if I needed to talk to the server. I said that I just needed my check. Finally she acknowledged me, and I asked for the check. She said, I didn't give it to you? I said no. She apologized and wrote on it, then handed it to us. There was a long wait by then, and someone could have sat, gotten coffee and almost gotten there order in the time we were just waiting for our check. Anyway, it was only $16. It still holds promise - I love those old time gimmicky diners. Because I'm sure there's that one dish there that is spectacular. There just has to be.

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