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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Not your typical pork chop dinner

So last Friday night, we were planning on going to the Whistlestop with our buddy Mr. Interested In You to see Swim Party. He really really likes them because his coworker plays their cd at work. He assumed they were a national act, and it took him a while to realize they are local. They are really good, but not my favorite local act.

So before we went, we cooked up a little dinner. That was sarcastic. We cooked up a huge feast, and we only ate a little because we were going out. But we had something very exciting to look forward to coming home to. And believe you me, I was very excited to go home to this food!

So I made fake dum aloo. Dum aloo is this Indian/caribbean potato thing that is really delicious and yummy. We went to panchos to make groceries (that's a nawlinsism, ya'll), and I didn't know what spices we had, so I didn't get some that I thought I needed. Also, they (pancho's) didn't have yogurt, so I got sour cream.

I also made calypso slaw and the fp made yummy pork chops stewed in chile sauce. I'm wondering if I should change the blog name to the cabbage chronicles. We seem to eat a lot of slaw....

It was a while ago, but I'm going to try to map out these recipes as best as I can:

Not Your Typical Pork Chop Dinner Recipe

calypso slaw (from Anne at the Mango House)


1 head cabbage sliced thin(yup, we ate cabbage. you know what that means...)
1 red onion thin sliced
3 carrots grated
1 bunch cilantro rough chopped
juice of 8 limes
1/4 c sugar
4 oz olive oil
salt and pepper, of course

bastardized dum aloo (from anne at the mango house, but this is in no way her official recipe...I wouldn't want to shame her)

wow! look how disgusting that looks! I mean, it looks like the garbage can at the dishwash station at some local soup kitchen. But it tasted better than it looked, I swear.

5# potatoes peeled and cooked
carrot scraps from the slaw that you didn't shred, diced and boiled with the potatoes
1 onion small diced
2 inches ginger minced
2 T coriander seeds
2 T cumin seeds
1 t clove
1 T cardamom
1 t black peppercorns
2 t cinnamon or 2 cinnamon sticks
2 T tumeric (this is one of the key ingredients I didn't have)
1 T poppy seeds
1 quart sour cream (yogurt is better, but if you're too lazy to go to another store, get sour cream and say you're just trying to be more green these days...)

So you grind all the spices except for the poppy seeds and the salt. Salt isn't really a spice anyway, and I'm not really sure what category poppy seeds fall under. (at work, we have bagels on the menu, so there are buttons on the pos system for what kind of bagel, and poppy is spelled popee. this is funny to me)

Anyway, getting back to the fake dum aloo recipe. Then you saute the onion and ginger. You add the spices and let them toast in the pan. It's a wonderful smell. (isn't that a black and white Christmas movie?) Then you add the sour cream and let it cook a bit, then you're done with that. Then you mix this sauce with the potatoes, and it's dumalooicious! You might be wondering why the little bit of carrot in this? Because I'm trying to reduce my carbon footprint....obviously.

Hot sauce


serrano peppers

puree it all together

please don't ask about specifics, it's just hot sauce....

porky chops in chile sauce


I'm not doing measurements because the FP made this and he didn't have measurements...and I'm being more green these days...trying to reduce my carbon footprint


pork chops
chick peas

So he basically toasted the hell out of the spices, then he blended them with oil. Then he stewed the pork chops in it. Then he added the chickpeas. Sounds easy. But it was so effing good. Effing means fucking, for those of you who don't have a big slang vocabulary. Anyway, we ate the shit out of that food for the next few meals until it was all gone - except for the fake dum aloo. There was a lot of it, and it just wasn't as good as it could have been if I had known exactly what spices we had and if I had been a wasteful environment hater and gone to the other store just for yogurt....

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