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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

hot dog

So, being the health nuts that we are, we ate hot dogs Saturday night and Sunday night. I shit you not.

This is how it went down. Sunday, I finally got a chance to pull the FP away from the computer. He had been glued to the screen, watching webcasts of the New Orleans news coverage of Gustav. But then the track turned west, so he could rest a bit and not have to be camped out in front of the computer. He only had to check in every few hours after the news. So luckily, the storm wasn't as bad as predicted and it seems the Big Easy has survived another one, but there is all kinds of activity in the Atlantic, so we shall see. It's kinda sad though, how because the storm didn't directly hit New Orleans it wasn't as big of a story. It did hit Houma directly, and then ironically, it hit Baton Rouge pretty bad. That is where a lot of New Orleanians went to ride the storm out, but it was a safer choice than being in New Orleans, I suppose.

We went to the practice space, then we went to the Bluefoot for several hours. Then we were getting hungry, and we decided we would go to the grocery store. The FP said how he wanted a hotdog and sauerkraut. I think he was joking, but when he said that, my eyes lit up, and the deal was sealed.

So we got the Hebrew Nationals, the Claussens sauerkraut, the Claussen's ridged pickle slices, Louisiana hot sauce and the Heinz relish. We had some yellow mustard at home. We got the Ballpark hotdog buns. The FP doesn't like the thick big buns because it's too much bread in proportion to the hotdog.

So these were the long skinnies. I think our microwave is on the fritz - it takes much longer to heat everything than it used to. So I kept microwaving the skinnies. Finally they were hot. So here was my fatal flaw. The sauerkraut was still cold, and I didn't get enough juice out of it either. So the buns got soggy. But everything tasted good anyway. In fact, at one point in the middle of the night, I woke up. We were camped out in front of the tv. The FP had been dozing all night, but kinda keeping an ear out for any changes in Gustav's track. I had another hotdog. You know - midnight snack.

So last night - Labor day - we had practice minus our drummer. Then we went for a drink, again. So we were at the Bluefoot, again. We brought up the subject of what we wanted for dinner. The FP said, you know, I want another hotdog. My eyes lit up again. So off we headed to Albertson's. This time we got the jumbos. We still got the same little hotdog buns though.

So this time, I microwaved the sauerkraut with the hotdogs. We still didn't have paper towels, though. So the FP's bun got sogged, so I put the soggy bun on the plate as a sponge, then put the hotdog in another bun. But that one sogged too, so he had to get a third bun. Yes, we wasted 2 buns, but our hot dog to bun ratio was so low that we would have eventually thrown out the extra buns anyway after they got stale and we noticed them on top of the fridge 5 weeks later. So anyway, these jumbo dogs are so much more satisfying. There is so much more girth to taste the meatiness of the dog. Size does matter guys, no matter what the girl says. If she says it doesn't, she is completely lying to you. So anyway, I think I've satisfied my hotdog fetish craving for a while. Although we still have 2 skinnies and one jumbo in the fridge. And I hate to let good food go to waste.

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