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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Island deliciousness

So, you know how you go to a place, and you love it, and for whatever reason you don't go back for a long time? No, oh, that's just us then. Whelp, we were looking for Caribbean food when we first moved here. We found a place, went a few times, but for whatever reason it wasn't on our radar.

So, yesterday I got a call from my boss (he's always bugging me) and he asked me if I could go to the restaurant and let Steeler Drummer in because she didn't have her keys. This is getting to be a routine. This is the 3rd time in two weeks that someone forgot their keys! Anyway, so we were about to go for lunch. So we swing by, and I go in the back and then the FP picks me up in the front because I had to open the front door too. So we were facing south. So the FP keeps driving. So I asked, where are we going, because we were planning on Convoy street. So we were headed to Island Spice on Market street. I said, whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaat?

So we get there, and there's no one in there. I tried to order what I found out was breakfast. Breakfast?!!!! We have to go for breakfast sometime.

So I got the jerk chicken and the FP got the oxtail - both large. You can get smalls for $10 or large for $12. What a smart move. Most people are going to get the large, but the small is probably half the size of the large. I remembered before everthing took so long. This time it took about 5 minutes. Very fast. Can I tell you how delicious this stuff looked?

So this was just so good. I mean, blow your pants off good. I mean, multiple simultaneous tongueasms...... So yeah. Island Spice.

The jerk chicken was not spicy at all, but the flavor was very nice. Smoky, sweet, like BBQ. In fact, it kind of reminded me of my mom's bbq sauce. The chicken flesh had absorbed some of the jerk marinade, which really made it exceptionally delicious. The rice and beans were just right, and the veggies. OMG the veggies were kinda the best thing on the plate. The greens were right. Cabbage, some other green, corn - it was just cooked perfectly. Still green, but tender. Just tasting like veggies. Um um um uuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmm yummmmmmmmm. Really. No jokes bro. And the plantains were plumped up and sweet. I have a weakness for those things..

But the oxtail. I cannot tell you what the experience of eating perfectly cooked oxtail is like if you've never had it. The sauce was flavorful, but not really heavy relatively speaking. Simple. It just glazed the oxtail so beautifully. And the oxtails were just cooked right to the point where they were fork tender, but they clung to the bones. If you don't like to suck meat and fat off the bones, then oxtail is not for you. You might as well get IV injections instead of eating though, because that is the real zest of eating - sucking the bone. You know what I mean. I hate it when people say they don't like chicken on the bone. That's just wrong. But with oxtail, oh my god, all that sweet soft fatty flavor is just one of the ultimate tastes that your tongue can run its length against.

So I give Island Spice a.....rating of........ \/\/\/\/\ what? that must be a typo? Nope. 9 chopstick. It's that good. At least it was yesterday.....

Please... go there. It will be like a second honeymoon....Oh, and I hear you can bring your own red stripe because they don't serve alkyhol.


KirkK said...

Yum, Island Spice, I enjoy the curry goat and oxtails. I think the Jerk Chicken at Caribbean Taste is better though.

caninecologne said...

i've always wanted to try island spice. i didn't know it was still around. thanks for the heads up.

since you like oxtails, have you ever eaten kare kare? that's the Filipino oxtail stew w/peanut sauce...

the food ho said...

Yes, I've had kare kare. I hate to say it, but my mom made it when I was growing up. The sauce was good, but she didn't ever cook the oxtails long enough. I believe I might have had it at Tita's and it was really good there - although I'm wondering if it was with pork hocks instead...