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Saturday, September 6, 2008

So Long, Long John Silver's

So, this week we went to Long John Silver's for lunch. We were being health nuts as usual, going for a run (jog in my case) and then heading on the 805 south to LJS. Usually when we go there we go right at 10 am when it opens. But we didn't get there until lunchtime - 12 o'clock.

Here is where I exemplify how we both have bad memories and we get so excited to go eat somewhere that we become stupid. I mean idiotic, really. So we hopped in the car and made a beeline for the interstate. Once we got on 805, the Food Pimp asked me, which exit. I had to think about it. I knew it was fairly close. I said, I think it's Home. So we got off at Home. We went a few blocks, and it didn't look right. So we uturned and got back on the interstate. Then I said, I know it's not that far, it's def not Plaza. I said, maybe Market. So we got off at Market. It was the weird exit with that mall. No, we knew it wasn't that one. So we uturned and got back on the interstate heading south. It's got to be Imperial, I said. So we got off at the next exit, and yeah, we knew we were there. We took that lefthand turn. We drove through the crowd of day laborers looking for jobs. We parked. We walked in.

There were quite a lot of people there. It definitely was lunchtime. I was a bit concerned, but happy to be there. I ordered the #10, substitute corn for coleslaw. The FP ordered #10, add a chicken plank.

So we got a corner table. The FP loaded up on about 6 cocktail sauces, which I knew wouldn't be enough. But he got plenty of malt vinegar packets and salt.

So it took a little while. No problem. No need to worry yet.


I got the corn on the stick. Thankfully no coleslaw on my plate. I just don't even want it touching my food. The chicken plank looked like a chicken board. The FP ate it with hot sauce. Then he used the paper boat for a dipping container. Yes. A dipping container. I know what you loyal followers are saying to yourselves as you read this. "But the FP likes to sprinkle his fried food with the malt vinegar and hot sauce." That's what I said. He said that he learned from me. He still sprinkled some on his food as well. We can learn from each other, of course.

So, I filled my little well with malt vinegar. Initially I forgot to mix it with hot sauce, silly me. But I did do the malt vinegar dip followed by the cocktail dip. The fries were cold and stale. Very disappointing. The shrimp was very hard, like the chicken plank. The hushpuppies were great. Hot, cornbready goodness ready to absorb the malt vinegar, hot sauce and cocktail sauce combo. The fish was still nice and warm and crispy at least. The clams were a bit "clammier" thank usual, but fried the way they always are fried. Tender and limp. That brings me back to Boston, Bastan, Mass. There was one place on Columbus street, I think. It was called Charlie's or something like that. They had really great fried clams. Probably the best ever. They were oceany - much different from these clams. These are like individually portioned and frozen prebreaded. Don't get me wrong, I like them and all. They are great drenched in malt vinegar, hot sauce and cocktail sauce.

So the FP's second piece of fish was sitting directly under his first. It was completely sogged out. Very disappointing. He ate most of it anyway. So yeah, this was a disappointment. I think we will only be going to LJS if we can go right at 10 when everything is new and fresh.

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