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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Whoah Nely!

So last week we looked at a new apartment so that we could stress about how we're going to get the money to pay all this overlapping rent and deposit. The landlady is this old old lady who is very stern and intimidating. She basically wanted a yes or no from us on the spot. We told her we needed to discuss it. So we went to lunch in the neighborhood. I really don't know the name. It's like Nely's, or Mexican y Salvadoren Restaurant or Restaurant y pupuseria or something. Anyway, it's that place on like Broadway and 25th or 26th.

So we ordered a jalapeno and cheese pupusa. It came last, but I'll discuss it first. So it took forever. The waitress asked if we wanted it to go because it came when we were halfway through our entrees. But we said, bring it on. So here it is:

So there was this bright green peeking through. We thought, man, they used fresh jalapenos, this is gonna be hot. So we cut through the cheese, and we took a bite. Then another bite. There was no picante at all. The FP noticed first, seeing as how he is addicted to spicy shit. So he asked, are these green bell peppers? Maybe that's why it took so long. Maybe she was looking for jalapenos and couldn't find them. What kind of mexican restaurant doesn't have bell peppers, though? So this pupusa was disappointing. It was just so so.

So the FP's entree came first. He got the lengua combo with verde sauce.

So he took a bite and didn't say anything. I asked how it was. He said strong. So he made me taste it. It was strong. I mean I've wrestled, I mean tasted stronger tongue before, but it wasn't fresh. After our New Year's Day experience, the FP is wary of eating sketchy foods. Sketchy as in tasting old, not sketchy as in weird. He didn't really eat much more of it. Just his rice and beans basically. The rice was okay - not as overcooked as some places, but not whole grains either. The beans were actually really good. They were runny and mushy, not looking like they would have much flavor but they did.

So I got the camarones diablo. The lady had asked after we both ordered, do you like spicy? Because they are both spicy. Yes, we said, we like spicy.

So I got the same combo stuff with it. The salad looked like it had dressing on it, and I said, oh the salad has dressing, that's weird. But it turned out that it was just wet. The shrimp were delicious. The red sauce was hot, but not mind blowing, just hot. I'm always scared shrimp are going to be gross. I've gotten too many of those Thai or other asian shrimp that have no flavor or a yucky flavor. These shrimp did not have those attributes. The sauce was good though. Spicy, smoky - you know, mexican spicy red sauce. Not red sauce like marinara, salsa rojo. It was good. I liked it. I liked it a lot. I ate about half the shrimps and gave the FP the rest since he didn't eat much of his lengua.

So it was very unexciting, but we'll be back. Hopefully they will have jalapenos next time and fresh meat.

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