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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemas

So last week on Tuesday and then on Thursday, two different friends came in to where I work. The first group was our friend from DC and her friends that live here. The one girl, Garbageman Cheerleader, told me she didn't like crabcakes or fishcakes because the crunchy vegetables in the filling reminded her of bugs. I couldn't tell her if our fish cakes would be like that, but I made her try them. She said it was like bugs. Thumbs down for her, but she did say how she didn't like any of those fried cakey seafood cake things, so not to take it personally. Not that I did.

Then my other friends who I worked with at Wired came in on Thursday. They were all dressed up to go downtown to dance and get hit on by guys and turn them down. So they got the sardines. One friend, We'll call her the Dutch Princess, didn't like the "sticks" in the sardines. They are supposed to be so that you can pick it up with the stick and make it a finger food. I don't think many people eat it that way though.

Then they got dessert, and they got the chocolate pot de creme, which I said was the best thing, and they got the beer cake. So I went to see how they liked it. Dutch Princess pointed at the beer cake and said, we don't like that, but we like that one, and she pointed to the pot de creme. The other girl, the Brand Whore, said, I like this! Referring to the pot de creme. The great thing about that was, that she doesn't like chocolate!

So anyway, it's nice to have friends who are honest. I hate it when people say everything was great, and then later on I find out from someone else that they didn't like something but couldn't tell me. Sometimes it hurts, but it's good to know the truth.

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