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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, November 23, 2008


So I try not to post about work too much on here, but I found this blurry picture I took of a guava last week. Sometimes people bring food from their garden and I have to find a way to use the stuff. I'm scared to ask how it's legal. I hope the board of health isn't monitoring my blog....

Anyhoo. I made a dessert special last night, but we were so busy that I didn't have time to put it up as a special. Apparently, the Community coupon magazine came out this week, and that is why all those grey haired folk probably came early. The coupons accounted for a third of our business last night, which made it busy. Otherwise it would have been kinda busy but not crazy.

So getting back to the guavas. Most people don't like to eat them straight because of all those annoying little seeds that can't possibly be digested. But they smell amazing. Like flowers. They don't taste very balanced though. They are flowery, but not very sweet or tart. Insipid. That's a good word. But the smell. It's amazing. I wonder if there's a guava perfume. It would probably be too strong though.

So I hollowed out the guavas. Then I made 3 different fillings for them. So on each plate there were 3 guavas. One with chocolate mousse, one with lemon curd and one with ginger rice pudding and macadamia nuts. Then I made little crooked like short dough cookie sticks that I put in them. I don't know why I didn't take a picture, but it was very Dr. Suessesque. Anyway, I'm off for 2 days, so I'm interested to see if they sell any while I'm off. I'm not going to post the recipe, because I got the lemon curd recipe on the internet, I kind of guessed at the mousse, and the rice pudding was - well, rice pudding. Arborio rice, milk, slices of ginger and sugar. The short dough I also got off the internet. So anyway. Southern California. Such a weird growing season here. Heirloom tomatoes in November? Fragrant guavas too? No carrots though - besides baby carrots. Weird stuff.

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