Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meal Fit For a Food Ho

So, Sunday morning, we were talking about how we bought all these groceries, but didn't have any fixins for breakfast. So the FP came up with an idea, so he whipped it up while I sat on the couch zoning out to Sunday morning pregame or Meet the Press, or whatever was on. I'm not a football fan or a politics fan, but the FP is, and it's very relaxing to just half watch TV. TV was my best friend growing up, so I like the reassuring drone of it. So next thing I knew, he handed me this plate.

So basically, it was pork meatballs in a red mole sauce, and pigeon peas with mexican longanisa over rice.

I know enough to write a recipe, but I'll ask him if he can give you a rundown...Well, he's busy - working a lot this week - so this knockoff guy, the Food John said he'd stand in for The Food Pimp.

Oh, hey guys! What's shakin? This is the Food Pimp (actually the Food John impersonating the Food Pimp) coming atcha. Please, please, hold your applause til the end. (Does a spin and a finger point) So yeah, I was going to go for a 2 hour run, but instead I decided to cook a heavy kinda mexican breakfast. I'm the only person I know who can do a 180 like that. Sometimes I do a 360 though, because I change my mind again and end up going for the run instead. (Does another spin) But yeah, I just kinda cooked the sausage with the usual stuff and the pigeon peas. I'm very happy to say that they now have pigeon peas at Pancho's. Before they were hard to find around town, but now there's an expanded Goya section on the last aisle. So for the meatballs, it was just a kinda bastardized mole. You know, there's no rules for mole. It's like gumbo. Everyone makes it different. I made the pork meatballs with ground beef, I mean, ground pork, seasonings and egg - really simple. You know, a meatball. That's a spicy meatballs - I mean, that's a picante meatball. (It's mexicanish food, so I should use a mexican accent) I got the idea because the pork meat was so fatty that I thought they would be perfect for meatballs. Let me tell you. (Looks to right, then left) They were. You might be wondering why I had to do the side to side check. That's because these meatballs were so good, I don't think they're legal. So if the Fuzz comes for me, you'll know why. No, not my cat, the Fuzz, the cops. Did I show you a picture of the Fuzz? No, I don't believe it, hold on...

There's my precious perfect angel! Look at how sweet she is. When I come home, she runs and jumps into my arms. Okay, she doesn't, but I wish she would.

So, anyway, mole. I whipped up a mole type sauce, new mexico chilis rehydrated in water, garlic, onion, ginger, almond, cocoa, oil. So you know how chefs on tv say that everything they make is delicious - well they lie. But in my case, (looks to right, then left) this was delicious. I'm not saying that everything I make is delicious. But most of it is. Cooking is a scam. You just throw stuff together and make it taste good, and people pay you for it. And if you crack jokes while you're doing it, they eat it up! Literally and figuratively. Thank you, thank you.
Now you can give me that round of applause. Tell you what, you can even give me a standing ovation if you like. Not too long though - the Food Ho hates it when I follow her around stealing her sunshine. That's just one of the risks of being married to such a charismatic guy. It's not my fault, is it?

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