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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Grossness in a can

So, we shop at Pancho Villa's a lot. It's cheap, and the produce can be a lot better than lots of those national chains that charge so much more. So we recently discovered this canned soup there called Juanita's. We got the Chicken soup and the Meatball soup. We liked the chicken soup. It has big soft chunks of carrot, zucchini and potato, and it looks and tastes like someone's grandmother made it. It's a little different every time, which is intriguing. The meatball soup was pretty good, except the meatballs themselves are a little weird. They have like clove or allspice or something in them, but it's too much.

So one day we were at the store, and we decided to get the other ones that we hadn't tried yet. One night we had a Juanita's tasting for dinner.

Hominy. So it's hominy and chicken. It had that ammonia smell, like old masa. It filled my nose as I ate. I think I had two spoonfuls. I just couldn't deal. I think the FP ate his bowl, or at least half of it, which was way more than I could stand.

Menudo. The broth, I believe was good. Some of the meat was kind of funky though. I was probably on the defensive after that hominy.

Mole coloradito. Didn't like it. Just gross. I can't even go into the specifics. At this point, I was like a wary, jaded victim who had been beaten 4 times too many. I had started out so optimistically, and it just went downhill very very fast. The hill turned out to be a mountain. It's kind of embarrassing, because I like to think of myself as somewhat adventurous when it comes to food. Oh, I'm no Andrew Zimmern, but he probably gets a lot of shots and preventative medicine before any of that sketchy stuff goes down his gullet.

I went to bed hungry that night.

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