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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Point of Discussion

So, I'm not really writing a food blog today. I know, I'm such a tease. But I have to work today and I want to take a nap first.

But I just wanted to throw a question out to everyone. It's New Year's Day. We all always are about out with the old and in with the new for the first few weeks, or days, right?

So my question is, what is the longest you have kept old food in the fridge, knowing it was there, inedible and becoming a hazardous substance?

Exhibit A and B:

The stuffing from Thanksgiving. These pictures are dated: 12/12/08. So I don't remember if I threw it out that day or waited a few days. Anyway, that was a long time.

So tell me your worst food hoarding story!


KirkK said...

It's not really hoarding....but just forgetfullness....or laziness. But I've had a few instances of "meat-cake".... that would be food so old, by appearance you don't know if it's(or was) meat, or is it cake? hmmm...... I just call it meat-cake.

the food ho said...

Ah, yes, meat cake. I'm familiar. With these holiday meals in my case, I feel like it's a bit of reluctance to throw it out because it means we overspent money to make this meal. So it's a reminder to be more cost effective, maybe. Also, I realized that there is some fish in the fridge that I forgot to use on Christmas day! Luckily it is in a closed gladware container that will be going straight to the garbage can outside.

caninecologne said...

i've personally never had a "science experiment" growing in my fridge. but my husband (back when he was just my boyfriend) and his college roommate had some naxy stuff in their fridge. they had an eggnog carton that was in there for almost a year. i couldn't believe they never threw it out. it was solid when i tried to pour it. and it was black too. they also had a disease infested container of salsa that was more than 6 months old. my husband assumed it was his friend's. his friend assumed it was my husband's. neither wanted to disrespect the other by throwing it out. of course, they never bothered to check the expiration date. neither did they notice the gross smell emanating from their fridge of doom.

on a diff't note - we've had a lot of leftovers these past few weeks. i'm not sentimental even if the food was good. if it's not eaten within 2 - 3 days, the shit getts tossed. just today i threw out my mom's prime rib because i deemed it too old (3+ days). too bad too because it was good! i also threw out some funky sour cream.

i need to be more mindful of not wasting food or making just enough so we don't end up throwing it away. i feel guilty sometimes when i have to throw food out, especially if i spent $$ on it.

caninecologne said...

oops, i meant "nasty" not "naxy" (that's not even a word )