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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Kabul Market

So, this place is a little secret place. It's a market. It has food and a dining area. I once got takeout from here after Thanksgiving. It was pretty good, I remember.

Then, the FP had a cooking class with Middle Eastern food, so we had to go to Kabul Market for stuff. We decided to eat there as well. So it was kind of early, before 11 and they weren't quite set up for lunch, but they obliged. Also, the FP was looking for sumac and we couldn't find any. We asked the guy who was making our lunch. He looked, said they were out, but said, don't worry, I will give you some. So we were shopping, then the food was ready.

So he put our food on the table and said, go, eat. So the FP left his groceries at the counter and we sat down. There were salt shakers of sumac on the tables! And chili garlic paste too, and cucumber yogurt! So our salad was on a separate plate. Chinese plates, the same ones we have. It was nice. A kind of standard middle eastern salad. It actually had dressing, some places here do not dress the salad. It's weird. But I remember the dishwasher at my last job would eat romaine and tomato salad with no dressing.

Anyway, it was a good salad. And kind of a lot for a combo plate. Then the gyro came. It was on the same plates, but bigger, and there was a pile of rice on the plate, with the gyro meat on top of it on one side. A lot of food! Granted, it was $9 a plate, but prices are going up everywhere. The gyro was good, but the amazing part was that the rice was so yummily seasoned! Spices and stuff and it was so good, and you could use as much yogurt sauce as you wanted from the plastic condiment container! It was a great unexpected little big lunch! The best middle eastern we've had so far here, and so nice and gracious people there too!

So I'm gonna go ahead and give this place \/\/\/\ seven chopsticks. I only give it 7 because one time we went in and got a drink and had to use a debit card and the guy behind the counter got pissed, but then he let us use it anyway. I only bring this up, because if it weren't for that incident, maybe we would have eaten there sooner.

Kabul Market
4425 Convoy St.
San Diego, CA 92111

(I realize I forget to post addresses sometimes....)


KirkK said...

I don't knoe if you've tried the Chapli Kabob, but I kinda enjoy it!

caninecologne said...

cool that you went there. the day bert and i ate at crab hut (back in nov), we were debating whether or not to eat at kabul market or crab hut. i want to try their rice now!!!

by the way,down the same street, you can also buy middle eastern food (and sumac too) at parsian market. they serve food there and sell ingredients. it's in an old mcd's building. it's near the 7-11 on convoy - i's west of kabul market.

the food ho said...

Thanks for the tips, you guys. You are my SD culinary mentors!

caninecologne said...

i bow down to mmm-yoso. i am a mere peon in his wake...

but thanks anyways!!!!

just read your ba ren post...been wanting to go there too! great minds think alike!