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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, March 8, 2009

nola, part 2di

Okay. I was kidding. Did you really think I wasn't going to tell you what we ate at Cochon? The place we had been waiting to eat at forever. I mean, this place was in the planning stages before we even left New Orleans.

Boudin balls.

The Food Pimp didn't want to get these. It's kind of like the risotto balls, no one ever makes them right. But this was Cochon. They wouldn't put something on the menu unless it was just right. It was the only way I saw boudin on the menu, and I wanted to taste their boudin - god forbid theyre coated in breading and deep fried. They were delicious. Crunchy thin coating. Hot creamy meaty center. Pretty mild boudin, but tasty. Sometimes some boudin is really livery. They were great. These would be a hit at any carnivorous function.

Oyster and meat pie. So it was like a meat pie, which we are all familiar with, right? Every culture has a meat pie or some type of ground meat encased in pastry or wrapper. It's like a staple. Love the meat pie. Not sure if I would marry it, but I would definitely have a long and arduous affair with the meat pie. C'mon, who wouldn't? Don't say vegetarians, because they are the ones who would get into the weird s&m shit.

So this one had oyster in it too. Once again, there was a crunchy outside and a soft hot meaty inside. That just is a wonderful combo - especially when you throw oysters into the mix. Really delicious. I could go for one now. Really. Yeah, it's 10:44 am which is really 9:44 due to daylight savings, but I could eat one. Some might find oyster and meat pie a weird combination, but not I said the pig. It's almost as natural as wine and cheese, beer and burgers,temperanillo and tapas (I just wrote that one because I like alliteration).

Paneed pork cheeks with goat cheese, arugula & beet rosti. What is a rosti? Well, it's a swiss potato pancake. So this one was beet. It's like a galette or a hashbrown type thing. Although this one was very thin and crispy. Usually hashbrowns are soft in the middle - sometimes they are raw, but that is not the classical preparation. Anyway, this beet rosti was just a fraction of what made this dish delicious. Okay. Pork Cheeks. PORK CHEEKS. Why is this weird to people? I mean, it's meat. They eat pork bum and don't think it's weird. I guess pigs sometimes resemble people a little too much maybe? I don't know. The cheek is a very tasty part of an animal. Fatty. Rich. Have you ever had duck cheeks? No, me neither. I was just checking. Anyway. This is like the ultimate fatty pleasure - insert fat joke here. So it's this rich meaty thing, and this tangy creamy element, and this bitter spicy lettuce and a crispy delicious sweet beet rosti on the bottom. It was just lovely. It makes me want to cry, when I look back on it.

Hogshead cheese with fried pig ear. Really. Yes. All on the same plate. This wasn't hogshead cheese made from old rotting head gook. No, it's from quality head. It was so yummy, you could give it to any meatloving person and they would scarf it down if they didn't know it was head cheese. Once again there was the spicy bitter greens to cut through the rich fattiness, and then the crispy thing was pig ear, which is just like chicharrone. And the pickled onions. These were different than the pickled onions that Dieter got. These were slices and they were just tender enough and tangy enough. I want to cry. I don't have access to this restaurant any time I want. Not that I could afford it all the time. But there's so much more of the menu to be explored. Fried rabbit livers that the FP wanted to try, wood fired oyster roast, spicy grilled pork ribs with watermelon pickle, ham hocks. Anyway. I liked Cochon. And Dieter was very nice. He footed(?) the bill. Very nice of him.

So Cochon. They don't need my rating from my small time food blog. They're pretty set. If you ever set foot in Nola, I command you to go there.


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