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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

nola, part 2e

So, we left Cochon. We went down the street to Rio Mar for dessert. Rio Mar. The single biggest influence on the FP's cooking career. Chef Adolfo. I'm not sure which is bigger, his personality or his build. Both very impressive.

And then there's Nic. He's very....slick. I think he's more sarcastic than me. And he does triathalons. Interesting guy. I always have the urge to check my back pocket for my wallet after talking to him. Even though I don't put my wallet in my back pocket.

So Rio Mar is a hispanic seafood restaurant. So it's not coconut shrimp and boiled lobster with drawn butter. Zarzuela, black rice, grilled octopus, also meat too - they used to have this double cut pork chop with mashed potatoes and clam sauce. God that was good! One time I went with my family and the FP's family. I don't remember everything, but it was damn good. There was this foie gras with bread fruit. It was sooo good.

Tapas. They have tapas lunch where you order with a pencil by checking boxes like when ordering sushi. So much good stuff. The blood sausage was always a must have. And once again, the grilled octopus. Almost every time it was the most perfectly tender octopus tentacle I'd ever had. And then of course the ceviche. I believe they have 4 different ones currently. The newest one has coconut milk. We didn't get to try it, but it sounds delish!

Anyhoo, we went for a cocktail and dessert. So we had the pineapple caiparihna and Dieter had the passionfruit caiparihna. (Can you believe I spelled caiparihna correctly without having to check the net first? I mean, I did check it just now to confirm, but I was pretty sure I had it right) Very yummy. Cane sugar liquor lime, more sugar and pineapple or passionfruit. I have to admit, the passionfruit one was better, a little less acidic. But they were both good.

So on the far end is the tres leches. Closer is the "El gran chocolate".

Tres leches. One of my favorite desserts that is so so so very easy. It's just like sponge cake soaked in 3 milks. One of them being coconut milk. Coconut milk is like the nectar of the gods. And caramel sauce. And marcona almonds. Have you ever had those marcona almonds? OMG, they are so good. They are bigger and sweeter and nuttier and more expensive than regular almonds. But damn is that tres leches good. I was still kinda full, so I didn't eat as much as I would have liked to. That, and the FP really gobbled it up in between yaking to Adolfo or whoever he was talking to.

And then Dieter's "El Gran Chocolate." Damn. It was like one of those chocolate tortes. Not really overly sweet, pretty dark and bitter. But when you ate it with the dulce de leche ice cream, it was a perfect combination. Man that was good. Really good.

This place really is the shit. Yeah, I am biased, but it really is. Once again, this is a must not miss place in your travels to Nola.

Lunch Tapas : Mon-Fri 11.30 - 2pm
Dinner : Mon - Sat 6-10pm
Closed Sundays and all major holidays
800 South Peters Street – New Orleans, LA
504-525-FISH (3474)
2 blocks from the Convention Center.
On the corner of Julia and South Peters.

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caninecologne said...

new orleans is one of those cities i'd love to visit---simply just to eat! forget looking at touristy crap. i just wanna eat good food. omg, po'boys. i've never had one. yeah, sacrilege. i've never had a beignet (did i spell that right) either. my husband went on a business trip several years ago and brought back some pralines. those were good too! aaaaah!