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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, March 15, 2009

nola, part 2f

So, getting back. We left Rio Mar. We met the couple to be at the Monteleone Carousel Bar. If you go to New Orleans, this is one of those places you're supposed to go to. It's okay. The bar rotates. But it's not like high up or anything where you can see the city. It's on the first floor. And there's a piano in the back with a piano player. And expensive drinks. So we got there and kinda sat by ourselves at a big booth and wondered why we rushed to be there at 9 to not really talk to anyone and spend money on expensive drinks.

So the groom was very fidgetty and nervous and drunk. Frankly, he was annoying. So he asked the FP to go out with him to smoke. I had to stay and guard our table.

Our other 2 friends - John Sparkling Wine and Cuban Musical Genius showed up. They all 4 went to smoke. I had to guard the table. The piano guy watched me 3 - 4 times sitting in this big booth by myself looking like a dejected loser. So he started singing to me, like, hey there lonely girl, why you so lonely sitting by yourself. How sad. I had to look up and laugh. I had to tip him when we left.

So luckily, when the bride was leaving, she seemed to be getting into a fight with the groom. Basically, she wanted to go. She said she was going to walk with her friend. The groom said, are you sure? And he didn't really put up a fuss about how he would take her home. He said he would drive her, but it seemed unconvincing.

So she left, then she called him, then he had to go. No offense, but he was so irritating, and I wanted to get out of that stupid expensive bar!

So we went to Coop's. CMG was hungry. Yes, we had just eaten fried pork products and dessert, but we could taste it for the food blog, right?

Coop's is like one of the best local restaurants. It really is one of those places where locals and tourists go to. You know how restaurants advertise that? And it's usually a false statement? Well, locals go here. I have to warn you, it's a dirty hole. It's a bar. It doesn't get that deep cleaning every day that it should. There's a resident cat that scavenges for food. I can't remember if I ever went to the bathroom there. I must have at some point, but maybe I tried to block it out.

Anyway. CMG ordered gumbo, jambalaya and shrimp remeloude. So we all got silverware and dug in.

So. The gumbo. Way waaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Johnny's. It was just right. Sometimes seafood gumbo can be..well, murky. You know. Like maybe every time they make a new batch they dump the old stuff in it, and it breaks down in the new stuff. This one wasn't like that. It was dark enough, it was cooked long enough. It was just right. Louisiana seafood. Really some good shit.

The shrimp remeloude. It looks like a big pile of dressing, no? If I got this plate anywhere else, I would probably say, that's apalling! But this is different. Remeloude. Basically, it's like souped up thousand island dressing. It's yummy. You can use it for many applications. Mustardy goodness. So, the lettuce, the out of season tomatoes, the big cucumber slices, the shrimp, it's all just a parking lot of vehicles to transport the remeloude to your palate. It's like driving Obama to the White House in a Camry. It's not flashy, but it will get the job done. All the salad items look kind of crappy, but once the remeloude is on them, it does not matter. If you go to Coop's, just order a side of remeloude and a spoon and bread. That's all you need.

Rabbit and sausage jambalaya. It's just comfort food at it's finest. It's just mushed the right way. I feel like I wrote this last year about Coop's. It's all cooked together and it's sweet, and I don't know if I should reveal the secret that CMG told us about it. You know what, I hate to be that guy (girl) that does that, but I'm going to be that guy (girl). You know, the one who says, you want to know something? Oh, I can't tell. Well, if there's any chance you're going to go to Coop's, I don't want to ruin it for you.

But this shit is delicious. The two honed palates of the FP and CMG were a little disturbed by the revelation about the jambalaya, but we sure polished it off. This was one of several moments during this trip when I thought about how much I miss nola and the fellowship of sharing a great meal with great people. We just don't do that here in sunny San Diego......

God, I'm soooooooo hungry.

Coop's Place
1109 Decatur St.
New Orleans, LA 70116
Hours: 11AM to CLOSE


caninecologne said...

canned mushrooms? what a travesty!!!! mushroom manchego toast sounds really good!!!!

the food ho said...

The funny thing is that there is a renowned Nola burger institution. It has ridiculous burgers, it has a side or app called "mushrooms in wine sauce" - canned mushrooms. But I guess part of the charm is that it's a very old place where our friends went in high school and it hasn't changed much...