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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, April 27, 2009

More Smoke

So, I picked up my sis and mom and we drove to Boulder. As we headed west, there were more things to look at, and then we started to see mountains. It was pretty. Then we went down one of the main strips with shopping centers to get to my sis's house. Whole Foods, Starbucks, Target, Starbucks, Safeway,Starbucks. So we went in, woke the baby up, let him cry it out, then get used to us, then we left to go eat and made him cry again.

So my sis lives right down the street from the pedestrian mall. It's very cute, very touristy in a money kind of way. Manicured vegetation. New hipster shops. Very planned spaces of shopping, coffee shops and restaurants. So we drove about 6 blocks to walk around. But I had never been there, so I didn't know. We would look at menus, shrug our shoulders, go to the next place, look at each other. We are very indecisive. So then we finally found a place that had bbq. My sis loves bbq. I do too. We were hungry, so that's what we picked. It was a restaurant/sports bar. So I felt like I should have a beer, but I was so tired that I settled on a diet coke.

So my sis and I decided to get a full slab o ribs with 4 sides including the fries. My mom got the ginger glazed salmon.

So the ribs were very smoky. I guess they liked a lot of smoke there in Colorado. It's cold, they have lots of trees, lots of wood, lots of fireplaces. The sauce was pretty good, just sweet enough, tangy enough, not very spicy, but spicy enough for a good flavor. The ribs were pretty well cooked, not completely falling off, but you didn't have to gnaw too much on them like a dog. I personally am not a rib afficionado. I just like ribs. I don't mind if they are falling off the bone. As long as the meat and sauce tastes good and they are not undercooked, I'm happy. I'd way rather have the meat falling off the bone then the other end of the spectrum, tough meat.

The sides were okay. The mac and cheese won. It usually does, though, doesn't it. Unless it's that KFC double cheese mac and cheese. I hate that stuff. Really. It pisses me off because their old recipe was okay. The beans were just okay, the potato salad was okay. The fries wer pretty good, but I didn't really eat that many because I focused on the meat.

The salmon. You know, I don't like cooked salmon. I like it in sushi. But my mom has her taste. She likes steak medium well. She liked the salmon. I tasted a bite. It was...okay. It has some asiany sweet gingery chili glaze. The wild rice had uncooked wild rice in it. The steamed veggies looked like steamed veggies, but my mom will eat veggies that don't have much done to them, that's how she sometimes cooks them. She was content with her dish, so that's all that mattered, right? I definitely cannot be a food snob. Sure there's things I don't like, but it's not because I think I'm above eating those things, it just that I don't like the taste of them!

So anyway, we ate about 2/3 of the ribs, so we had food for later on that night.
We headed back to the house to scare the little nephew and get ready for our sis's play.

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