Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Latin Style

So, I've been told I have a big booty - you know - "baby got back", ghetto booty, J Lo booty, cushion for the pushin, bubblebutt, junk in the trunk. Now, the Food Pimp will LOL when he reads this next statement, but I think it doesn't protrude as much as it used to. Ha ha, I know very funny, if anything, it's bigger.... Anyway, I wonder if that is part of why I crave latino food so much. Maybe, it's in my jeans?

Anyhoo, we went to Tropical Star recently. Thankfully, it wasn't as hot as it was in there last time we went. So it's a great place. It's a store, but they have a restaurant menu and tables in the middle of the store. So while you wait for your food, you get to look at all the neato items that they stock. Their cuban espresso pots are pretty cheap too.

So, this time we got different stuff.

The FP got the arroz con camarones. It was really good. The rice was flavorful, the shrimp were tasty, not overcooked or mealy.

I got an alcapurria. Here's the insides.

It's like a croquette with plantain dough and pork filling. It was really tasty. Earthy fried goodness.

I also got yucca con chicharone. Because I'm such a health nut, I thought I'd just get a couple of light appetizers. I didn't want to fill up on a big entree like the FP did. So usually I get the yucca fried, but I got boiled for a change, you know, less grease. But then, I was wondering if the chicharone was deep fried? Either way its fine, because when you deep fry something the excess fat drains into the fryer. this chicharone was thinner sliced and not quite as dark and crispy as El Salvadoreno, but these are different styles. I think this one has less calories if you happen to be on a diet, like I am. I'm trying to loose that booty so I can schooch into the front door at Tropical Star. I was glad that this had the slaw on top of it, because salad adds nutritional value to any meal!

So I had ordered one more little bite, but it wasn't coming out. So I finally went to the counter and asked, they had forgotten about it. A few minutes later, it came to the table.

Morcilla. I think it was supposed to come with a corn cake, but I figured, I didn't want to ruin my low calorie low carb meal by consuming a corn cake anyway, so I didn't ask. The morcilla was good. Crisp casing, sweet rich filling. Eating blood is good for the blood, right? I thought I read that somewhere on the internet. This was really delicious. I love blood sausage. It's so healthy too, it's my replacement for dessert because it's on the sweet side. So we finished our food - the FP was tired and weighted down and bloated, but I bounced out on my slightly smaller booty because of my nutritious light lunch!

Tropical Star
6163 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA 92111-3105
(858) 874-7827


Anonymous said...

well i think you happen to have a nice butt!!! FP

caninecologne said...

hi FH! if i can eat diniguan (aka 'chocolate meat'), then i can eat a damn blood sausauge. in fact, i am going to eat that next time i go to tropical star! i like that place too...it's kind of small, but homey and the food is pretty good. i like their tostones and their pastelillos (puerto rican empanadas). i also like buying canned caramel along with these round wafers called "obleas" at their mini market. oh yeah, and fried plantain chips.

how could you think you have a ghetto booty? you are so thin!!!! that's how i used to look before i had a kid!

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