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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Kickin It Solo Diner Style Mehican

So, The Food Pimp is in good ole Punxsutawney. Oh shit, I hope that doesn't give away too much of his identity. There's like 6000 people that live there, so if you wanted to figure out who he was you could start with his hometown - Groundhog Day Ville!

Anyway, let's talk about me, shall we? My whole routine changes when he leaves. I dropped him off early - 5 or 6 am. Then I went back to bed. I read a couple pages of the book I'm currently reading - Garfield Weighs In - then I fell asleep. Garfield the Cat. TFP's mom, at some point when she was sending gifts decided to include this book from TFP's childhood. So, I pretty much don't have any books left that I want to read or reread, so this is what I'm down to. Garfield comics. Yeah, really. I need to try to get to the bookstore tomorrow, because I'll probably finish Garfield Weighs In tonight.

Anyhoo, I woke up around 9:30, which is late - usually I get up around 8 am every day, even if I stayed up late the night before. Okay, sometimes I look at the clock and see that it's 8 and go back to sleep for an hour, but I almost always see 8ish every morning. So I got up and went to the bank so I could mail our late rent check. Then I went to Walmart. It was like so busy I thought I was going to freak out trying to maneuver around the slow browsing people. Then when I went to check out, of course there weren't enough registers open - the self check had the longest line. So I got in the very first check out. That one is usually smaller because people give up before getting there, and they think it's an express lane. I was waiting. I watched this old guy who had some kind of condition, and he was using the shopping cart like a walker. He had 2 canisters of like joint supplement powder in the basket part of his cart. He was kind of going around, confused that there were no more registers open. He went up to a self check that was clearly off - nothing on the screen - and he tried to scan the joint supplement powder like 5 times before a lady told him it was closed. So he wandered around and I lost track of him. I figured he was going to figure out a way to just walk out with it though.

Anyhoo, that took a long time, and I only had about an hour and a half before work, so I thought I'd get something to eat on the way home. I had been bugging TFP about trying out Salazar's Taco Shop. I think it's on 16th in the East Village. It looks like one of those old time "mexican" buildings and it has beer signs in the window. When I walked in, I wasn't disappointed. It was like a combination diner/old timey mexican restaurant. So I sat at the counter. The menu was pretty large, and there were lots of weekly specials like lengua in salsa verde.... And they had margaritas too.

So I finally settled on the fish taco combo because everything seemed a bit pricey a la carte. Also there was a funny "wanted" sign that had a cartoon fish dressed like a bandito and it said "Wanted Salazar Tacos de Pescado".

So the lady brought me out chips, salsa and carrots. The carrots were not hot at all! WTF?!!!!! The salsa was kinda gross, the pureed stuff that tasted like canned tomato, but the chips were good. I watched as more and more people rolled in for lunch time. It was weird, because all these ladies were like diner waitresses, but mexican. But they spoke with american (should I say United Statesian?) accents, so it was as they say, "trippin me out".

I watched the food come out. The Dos Tostadas de Ceviche de Robinson (this is what I'm guessing I saw) looked fanfuckingtastic. I almost got that too! They were huge!

But then I got my food.

The fish portion in the tacos was huge. It was some kind of cod type fish. Guessing from the menu, maybe pollack? It was battered and fried, then with salsa and mayonesa. The plate came with that typical overcooked rice and refried beans and "salad". You know what "salad" is right? The lettuce with no dressing and a tomato slice. But when I took a scoop of rice and beans, the lettuce was in the middle so I got some of it, and it gives the combo some texture. Otherwise it would be just mush. The tacos were pretty good I guess. I'm not a fish taco kind of gal, even though I try to be. I actually didn't like the big fish tenders so much. I think I prefer smaller crunchy bits. And then the mayo cabbage salsa combo is just not my favorite. I know that's like traditional, but it's just okay to me. I'm not a believer. The beans and rice were okay. Flavorful enough beans, but just not great. I don't think I like refried beans as much as I used to. But the promise of the rest of the menu, the ambiance of the place, and the location - walking distance to my house - make me know that I will definitely be back to try a lot more stuff!

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