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Monday, October 12, 2009

some things are not meant to be discounted

So, I feel like I must have written about this place already, but I didn't find it in my search. I'm talking about this Sushi Deli place. I've heard of it. Some people have recommended it. But they usually start with the disclaimer...for the price, it's good. Well, I think I'm a sushi snob. The first place I went to that I really got into sushi was like the best place I've ever had sushi at. It was called Yoshi's Sushi in Fat City in Metairie, Louisiana. They had a lunch buffet. And it was delcious. No bullshit, no sarcasm interjected. Just really skillful nigiri and roll making. Good "fresh" product. And delicious rice that held together! We had all the salmon, mackerel, tuna nigiri we could eat. And scallop. Not that nasty shredded scallop bound with mayonnaise shit, but just a nice thin slice of scallop on rice. So delicious. The sushi chef retired from the biz after 40 years and moved to Metairie to open this place...as a retirement hobby? Eventually, this young couple idential to the previous couple took the place over and it went downhill.

Getting back to present day. Sushi Deli 3. Its in our practice space hood on Armour St. So we thought we'd go there one day for lunch. We just beat the crowd. It's a cute building, nice large porch out front. I remember seeing the building for lease - it used to be a dive bar, I think. And I thought that I would have liked to take the space and open a New Orleans style restaurant in it, because it was exactly the type of little house turned restaurant/bar that they have in New Orleans. But Sushi Deli got a hold of it first, considering I have no money at all!

So we went in on a weekday - a few minutes after they opened. We were like the first or second table. It is a cool little space. Bar, large porch with seating, space between tables inside. Here's the food:

Seaweed Salad - so I've never had a bad seaweed salad. If it's ever lacked flavor, you just add soy sauce, and presto! it tastes good.

Edamame. Same rule applies - soy sauce!

Caterpillar Roll, or something. That bbq sauce is just so sweet. I think a little goes a long way, but no one ever just uses a little. It's kinda like all the guys that go out in the gaslamp - why only use one squirt ot cologne or spray of axe when you could use five?

Spicy tuna roll. Okay. Just look at it. It looks like someone's first attempt ever at making a sushi roll. And it really just tasted okay.

So, you can see that the Food Pimp had already eaten his salmon nigiri. The salmon was okay. The octopus on the other hand. He ate his and then he advised me not to eat mine. It was FISHY! Gross.

Well, it was cheap for sushi. I can tell you that. But after we left, I said, we should have just gone to Mitsuwa and gotten their sushi and eaten it in the dining area. It would have been way better, but even cheaper! So next time we want budget sushi, that's what we'll do.

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