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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Monday, November 9, 2009

San Fran part 4

So, we technically were back in SD on Tuesday, but we were still on that vacation frame of mind. So we got up and had lunch. We wanted to try somewhere new, so we went to Salazars Taco Shop. I had previously only eaten there by myself when the Food Pimp was out of town.

So we went. I had high hopes. Okay, maybe I just had decent hopes. Something good please. Or interesting?

Interesting...certainly. This was lentil soup. Yeah, lentil soup. I don't know why it looked like that. It only tasted half as bad as it looked though. Not saying much.

Carne con chili colorado. Okay, so it was like beef chopped up and like sauteed in the "chili colorado" sauce. It was... kinda gross. Like something you'd make when you are really broke and you throw together stuff you have to get rid of. But wait... there's more.

Okay... 2 tamales smothered with chili beans, cheese and rice. It was like canned chili... not like mexican chili beans. Gross, gross and gross. I ate some of it cause I gotta eat...but I felt sick the more I ate. So... maybe we'll go sometime and just try some margaritas and maybe a very simple... taco or something safe? I just want to find something good there, because I like the building, and the interior. It's such a cool old space!

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