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Monday, December 28, 2009

nola, baby! Part 5

So, we slept in on Sunday. We should have gone to church with the family to repent our indulgence the night before, but I needed all the sleep I could get. I figured that God would understand.

So we woke up and we were supposed to meet at Jackson Square. The FP talked to his dad, and we were going to go get him and walk together. But then the rest of the family was out of church already. And we needed coffee. So the FP told his dad that we would just meet him at Jackson Square. He started to say that he didn't know how to get there. Jackson Square is like 4 blocks away from the hotel. The FA (FP's dad) has been to New Orleans too many times to count, and he has wandered all over the quarters by himself a lot. I think he wouldn't have a hard time finding the square. And he didn't. I think he might have beat us there. Well, let's just say he did for dramatic effect. So we got our CC's and we decided we would eat at Stanley! Which was right there. This place is the brother restaurant to Stella! and it occupies the space that was once a La Madeleine. The decor was white tile like a bathroom. It was all bright and open. They had a counter with stools, and they also had lots of shakes and ice cream concoctions and stuff.

So there was a wait, of course. So we had plenty of time to look at the menu. Which in my case is probably bad, because I have all this time to change my mind.

So when we got our table, I think we all pretty much knew what we wanted.

This is the ceaser salad with pesto croutons that the FP's mom, sister and dad got. Well, I think the dad got a large one. He seemed to not want the pesto croutons on his plate. He kept trying to pawn them off on everyone, going, "here Food Pimp, take some of this bread." (He didn't actually say Food Pimp, he said the FP's real name.) And then he tried to give them to the others who already had pesto croutons. I don't even think he tried it. He just decided he didn't like it. He's like a child. Didn't like that green sauce so don't want it on the plate. And he also ordered fries "for the table."

He has this thing about ordering some appetizer for the table. Usually, when we order our drinks, he orders like a plate of onion rings or calamari. It's always fried food - another childlike disposition. It's funny because the server is never ready to take a food order, but he makes sure he gets that plate of fried food ordered. This is interesting to me, because he is never hungry and half the time he doesn't finish his food, but he can eat him some fried food. I guess it's like how people don't finish their entree and say they are stuffed, but then they go and order dessert and finish it. There's always room for your food weakness!

So back to me. You'd rather read about what I ate, right? This is the Food Ho's blog, not the Food Abstainer's Blog. Although that would be a good one.

They had green salad on the menu. I didn't get it. There was some weird kind of soup with greens in it. I didn't get that. The burger came with blue cheese. I don't like blue cheese. Maybe if I can get cheddar cheese instead I'll get the burger with fries. There was some kind of steak. It wasn't tenderloin. I didn't think I would like it. The pork loin looked good. I asked my son if that would be good. He was too busy trying to pick out his expensive multicourse meal. I was tired of eating all these meals with the family. My knee hurt, and I felt like I was getting heartburn. I just wanted to go back to the hotel room and relax, but they would put up a big stink if I left now. I wonder if there's anymore of that onion dip back at the hotel. My daughter might have eaten the last of it, even though I told her to save me a little.

So, getting back to the Food Ho and the Food Pimp.

So we shared a gumbo. This was really good. Good gumbo. Nice and rich and rouxy and seafoody. Best gumbo so far.

We split a softshell crab po boy. And they split it for us. That was nice. For some reason, in the kitchen, we cooks bitch about splitting food. I'm not sure why. But we do. So it was nice of them to split it when we didn't ask for it. So it had slaw and fried soft shell crab. So when we lived in New Orleans we cooked soft shell crabs at restaurants. When they were specials, we would sell a shitload. They were really popular. I tried it. It was crab. Fried, usually. I didn't really get it.

Now, I don't live in the east. There are no blue crabs here. There is dungeness, but they are not the same. Now I understand blue crab, and softshell crab. And gulf shrimp, and gulf oysters. It's all really yummy!

So, SPR. He's around the FA's age. So before he ordered, he wouldn't tell anyone what he was getting. So, I don't have a picture. I realized I was creeping him out by taking pictures of his food, so I stopped. So he got this like sundae with carrot cake and 3 scoops of ice cream and caramel and strawberry sauce and whipped cream and ... the works. So that's what he ate for brunch. Okay, in fairness, he had already eaten breakfast a couple hours before. So yeah. Two grown - older men - ceaser salad and french fries, and a sundae. Sounds like what two junior high or high school girls would eat!

Stanley Restaurant
My browser doesn't want to scroll the website, so I can't post the address and phone number.....


The Diligent Diletante said...

can you recommend any sd restaurant with anywhere near the yummy factor of the nola style menu???? rarely see it around here imo

the food ho said...

The only one that I know of - I haven't been since they changed locations is Bud's on Tierra Santa Blvd. The owner is a old school Nola guy.