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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Stop Me Oh Ho Ho Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before

So, I am so backed up (on the food blog...not in the bathroom, silly)that I can't believe some of the posts that I have missed. So instead of laying around or doing important work or Christmas shopping, I'm going to try to do some old posts. I just feel like I might have already done some of these before...

What the hell is that, you ask? I don't know! Any guesses out there?

Here's some food from a mystery Japanese restaurant on Convoy.

I remember everything being...okay. Not spectacular, but not gross. Okay. The little dumplings kinda seemed like they were packaged premade frozen deals. Maybe they weren't but, that's what they tasted like. The Hamachi Kama was pretty good, but small. We could eat two really big yellowtail collars and probably not be satisfied!

The Original Pancake House. We had been talking about going there for years, but it's always busy when we want to, and the rest of the time when we're on Convoy street we want asian food. So we finally went there a couple times. Really good pancakes. Big interesting menu - I'd like to try the crepes and that one big blown up pancake or omelette or whatever it is. The poached eggs were really nice. I love poached eggs, but I don't order them as often as I would like to. Don't they seem like an old person thing? I bet the older I get the more I'll order them.

Junz Island Style or Teriyaki & BBQ or whatever it's called. It's on University Avenue right by 30th street. This was...okay. I've only had food from there twice, but I really like that L&L place better. The macaroni salad at Junz was just like macaroni and mayo...no salt, no crunchies or anything.

Bean curd and short rib or pork (man, I am really informative today!) at Convoy Noodle House 4647 Convoy Street. This is our default pho shop. The bean curd is really good there! I think that's all for now folks....


caninecologne said...

hey fh
mmmm, short ribs. i'll eat anything shortribs....

although i've never had a poached egg before. am i deprived or what?

the food ho said...

That's so bizarre that you've never had a poached egg...it might not be that exciting though in reality

KirkK said...

If you like L&L better than Junz...man it must be terrible. Actually, after having eating (or attempted eating - gag reflex and all), I agree with you %100. ;o)