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Pork Butt, Bom chicka wow wow

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Sunday, December 13, 2009


So, I have this problem during holidays. I get fucked up, and then I forget to take pictures. I hate myself for this, among other reasons. So, once again, I'm presenting to you an incomplete blog!

Anyhoo, on Thanksgiving Eve, the Food Pimp had the day off of work. So he cooked all day! I mean, he mashed potatoes a day ahead! So there was not much work at all left to do. So on Thursday morning, we woke up and started finishing cooking... and we waited until maybe 11 am to start drinking. So we had a lot of people over. I have to try to remember what they all brought. Thankfully, I don't think any of them read this regularly, so I can talk smack about them and their food. Just joking...maybe.

So here is the FP's taramasalata and tatziki. Taramasalata is carp roe dip. It's like fish egg mayonnaise. Sounds gross but it's delicious.

So here is our tomato plant. It is anorexic. The FP laughed at the plant, and said I can't wait to eat the tomatoes. Then one day, there was a tomato. And we watched it grow. I was waiting for it to get cherry tomato size. Then one day it got too heavy and snapped the branch. So we brought it in. The FP sliced it and put it on the platter in the corner. If you look closely, you can probably see it. It was green. But it was really delicious. The plant looks like it's dying now, though. I think it wants a bigger pot for Christmas.

So the Green Flash Grinch and his younger girlfriend, Girl With 2 First Names (GW2FN), brought enough food for another dinner party. This is the cheese plate and the charcuterie plate they brought. The meat used to make the one pate is questionnable. At the restaurant, there was this kitty that was coming in during service every night. She was very at home walking all around, being a health violation, then one day she disappeared. And the GFG and GW2FN brought a delicious pate in. Hm.... I'm still chewing that one over.

Here's some more of the same. See the Wild Turkey? They brought that too. They do this thing called like Wild Turkey Day calls or something. Call a relative and everyone has a shot. I think I had one, which was plenty for me.

So this blog really misrepresents the day. It was a great day. Great group of people. They brought a ton of food! But I didn't take nice pictures! Here's what I got

GW2FN also made a lovely curried turnip soup. The FP made gumbo. We had turkey and prime rib, which I didn't take pictures of either fresh from the oven!!!! Military Dreamgirl Friend brought green bean casserole - really yummy! Dreamboy brought over creamed onions - pearl onions in bechamel. PrimaDrumma brought over butternut squash. I made succotash and stuffing (yeah, the easy stuff). FP also made chimichurri sauce and gravy. Oh, I made cranberry mango sauce too. Yeah, that's really easy to make also.

And then the Swinging Couple brought pecan pie. And the FP made sweet potato pie. It was all delish. Really. Great night! Lots of good friends and food and drink. Then we left the next day for Nola.


The Diligent Diletante said...

love your nicknames for people in the stories...seriously funny names. My laziness will leave me to put the comment for the newest post here--> hot dogs for bfast? heck ya! I rarely ever eat bfast foods in the morning...when i do, i dont feel satisfied. ciao!

the food ho said...

Thank you! Breakfast food is like a rare treat for us when we do eat it!

caninecologne said...

hi fh - hell yeah, hot dogs with fried rice and egg! just like my mom & dad used to make. that shit is good. i could eat that any time of the day. substitute hot dog with spam too.

sounds like you guys had a good time with all your friends over (and all that good food too).

i've had taramsalata before - it's not so bad.

i like using nicknames in blogs - it's funny trying to come up with something that fits that particular person...